Celebrate Your Colleague’s Birthday With These Yummy Cakes

Your office place and your colleagues are an important part of your life. Celebrating your colleague’s birthday in office makes his/her day special and aids in having cordial relationships at office. Little bit of planning and proper execution can make the day memorable for your colleague.

It also helps them realise that you care and helps in building better bonds in the team.  Everyone in the team gets some time together to enjoy, away from the work stress. There are many ideas to celebrate birthdays in offices; however one thing which stands out tall is celebrating it with birthday cakes.

Ordering cake for birthday online is more like a tradition now and with the so many options available online, it is quite easy to find a cake which is unique and a delight to the taste buds. Here is a list of some striking cake ideas which can be ordered to celebrate your colleagues’ birthday:

1. Black Forest Cake

Black forest cake

Black forest cake is one of the most popular cakes and is loved by almost everyone. This cake speaks elegance and the creamy flavour is blended so well with the chocolate that it becomes a favourite of both be it a chocolate lover or a cream lover.This classic cake can promise to impress the birthday girl/ boy and make his/her day special.

2. Butter Scotch Cake

Butter scotch cake

The soft spongy bread loaded with loads of cream, butter, and brown sugar. The mild and nutty flavour of this cake will surely make your colleagues happy and will fill them with joy. You can even order an eggless butter scotch cake, if you are a part of a huge team, as there is a possibility that you might not be aware of everyone’s choices.

3. Half and Half Cakes

Half and half cakes

There are times when people have varied preferences and picking one particular flavour cannot serve the purpose, in such a scenario it is good to go with this cake. It is also an affordable option as you pay for just one cake and get two different flavours. Moreover there is no chance that the flavours fuse together, so you can enjoy both the flavours in their original taste.

If you try to make the celebrations more personalised by adding some customization on the cake, it can help you in building better bonds with the teammates. It will also be a stress buster for all of you as savouring a lip-smacking dessert can be a perfect way to lift your mood and making you energizedto pull offa hectic work day.

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