Celebrate your Fitness Lover Friend's Birthday with these 5 Popular Sugar Free Cakes

Achieving apex physical fitness is not something that everyone can readily boast of attaining. It requires a number of methodical and thoroughly constructed plans. Having a strict dietary regime, partaking in daily physical activities and exercises, etc. can be considered as only a few among so many. Taking into account all of these, it must be noted that maintenance of a strict dietary routine is one of the most if not the most paramount aspects. Another key step in that direction is switching to sugar-free. Why? Because we all are aware of how important a role sweets play in our daily lives. According to statistics, the average man consumes around 150 calories of sweets (100 in case of women) worldwide. If this number can be cut-down to a minimum, imagine the degree to health benefits and advantages that one may be able to attain.

Sugar-free Cakes

Among desserts, cakes are arguably the most popular. From ancient times to today’s day and age, when one hears the word “cake”, images of this cream-filled delicacy pop up in the mind. But as tempting as it is, cakes are known to possess copious amounts of sugar – substances that are known to cause a number of definite health hazards. The solution to this problem is – 1) Do not eat cakes anymore 2) Replace the sugar with artificial sweeteners. Out the two, the latter is definitely the more pragmatic option. After all, we all have a sweet tooth, don’t we?! Here is a list of 5 sugar-free cakes that one can definitely have a look into and enjoy –

1. Red velvet Cake

Red velvet Cake One of the most popular cakes to say the words “I love you”, this cake is known and loved by all. Who would have thought love would taste this good?

2. Butterscotch Cake

Butterscotch Cake Crunchy and yellow, butterscotch cakes are delicious as they are cheerful looking. The perfect cake to celebrate friendship and joy.

3. Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake Sparkling with dazzling delight and comprising of all the 7 rainbow colors, this cake is more than just a cake. It’s a work of art.

4. Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake Chocolate and vanilla are both delicious. But when they are on a cake, they are absolute exquisite. Such is a black forest cake.

5. Coffee Cake

Coffee Cake Aromatic coffee beans do not just let out that exquisite fragrant rich flavor that jump start your day. They have that strong pungent and sweet taste that is perfect for a cake. Trust us, even the health-conscious folks wouldn’t mind taking a slice or two of these!