Celebrating Rakhi – the thread of sibling love.

Raksha-Bandhan is a festival that all sisters eagerly wait for. And why not after all they are the centre of attraction on this occasion, tying rakhi threads and demanding whatever they want for the rakhi gift in return.

In fact, being a girl I know that is the most exciting part, getting many gifts and all of them of their choices. Sisters really feel special with all the pamper they get.Raksha-Bandhan

Raksha-Bandhan is celebrated on Shravan Poornima, the full moon day in the Hindu calendar month of Shravana. Primarily a Hindu festival, many people from other religions also celebrate this festival as it marks an occasion to celebrate the sacred bond of love and affection between brother and sister both expressing their deep emotions for each other. The occasion is called raksha bandhan as the brother vows to protect her sister against all evils and odds as well as the auspicious thread of rakhi that sister ties with all love and blessings protect the brother against all odds. The preparation for this day start we in advance with sisters buying fancy Rakhis, delicious sweets and new clothes. The day starts early with the family members getting ready for the rituals and bathing and getting dressed in new clothes.

Sisters prepare the puja thali which consists of roli, tilak, Rakhi threads, rice grains, diyas and sweets. After worshipping and offering the rituals to the deities , the sister perform aarti of their brothers, put kukkum and rice grains on their forehead to do the tilak and then tie Rakhi on their wrist and give them sweets while the other family members joyously watch the proceedings. After the ritual comes the best part as brother offer the gifts bought for their sisters. Special feast and delicacies are prepared on this day and the whole family gathers to celebrate and dine together. This is truly a festival that makes the sibling love even stronger.

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