Chocolate Day gifts according to Zodiac Signs

Could there be anything better than an entire day dedicated to Chocolates and Love?

Chocolate Day gives you an opportunity to add sweetness to your relationship. Spoiling your Valentine with their favourite Chocolates and romantic gestures throughout the day will definitely pave a sugary foundation for your relationship..


It’s Chocolate Day and we are not going to just say that you should surprise your Valentine with some Chocolates but will tell which Chocolate would be the best for your Valentine according to their Zodiac sign!


The hot-headed Aries is a fiery lover. It keeps its partner wanting for more. Just like fire, their love is warm, steady and bright! An Aries in love is very curious and vocal about it. They would ask you a lot of questions to get to know you better.


They like some crunch in their relationship. Thus, wafer Chocolates like KitKat would be a good option for them.  



The stubborn and practical Bull is equally stubborn when it comes to a relationship. They like testing you which they think is a part of the wooing process. They might get on your nerve but when a Taurus is sure that you are the one, they will shower you with all their love and care. Their love is full of passion.


For the seeker of the luxury, Lindt chocolates would be great.    



Geminis carry four different personalities in one body. They get infatuated very easily but they are sincere in that too. Although they are social in everyday life, when it comes to professing love, they are very shy and reserved. They might just stand behind a pillar and smile at you.


Since they are more comfortable in a group, a bar of chocolate like Cadbury’s Silk, that could be shared with everyone would a perfect Chocolate Day surprise for them.  



Cancers are very sensitive people and this is one of the main reasons why they like to create a hard shell around themselves. They know about their emotional shortcomings, therefore, they are cautious in their relationships. They love hard and worry harder. When a Cancer likes you, they will find every reason to spend their time with you.


Dark chocolate like Bournville will elevate their mood by releasing good hormones.



The proud Leo is a dedicated lover. If they love anything more than themselves it is their partner. Leos are very possessive and notorious about ‘self’. Thus, they would hold your hand in public or slightly hint that you are ‘theirs’. They are super charismatic and will treat you like a king or a queen.


Treat them with a box of Handmade Chocolates to satisfy their need to be treated like royalty!  



Due to their critical and analytical behaviour, it takes a while for a Virgo to fall in love. Just like in their everyday life, they never shy away from finding flaws in their relationship as well. They want it to be perfect. When they fall in love, they will not let it come out that easily. But, ultimately, you will hear those magical words.


Give them the best chocolates to make them confess their feelings. Just don’t adulterate the flavour of the chocolate and keep it simple.

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Libra is a weird yet, an adorable combination of everything opposite. They are strong but docile, curious but peaceful, love to argue and to maintain harmony. Confused? So are they! They are die-hard romantics but practical also. Thus, they would fall in love after thinking about the relationship from all angles. Commitment is a big issue for them. Give them all your love and space and they will eventually reach there.


Libra cares more about the thought than the gift. So, wish them with homemade chocolates.    



If you are not ready to give yourself completely to a love that is extremely passionate, then, run at the full speed in the opposite direction of a Scorpio. These people are intense and deeply loyal but they harbour a fear that you might cheat or you might not be that much into them as they are. They may seem normal but they are wide-eyed crazy. Their love is the kind that can burn everything!


Gift them Chocolates as intense as them. A bar rich in cocoa would be great.  




Sagittarius are freedom loving people. These hunters love the chase and seldom the actual relationship. They are breezy lovers who love to give and receive space. They like to go places which means that their partner will get to travel a lot.


They love flavours in their life. So, a hamper of assorted chocolates would be the ideal Chocolate Day gift for them.  




Capricorns are planners and have the strength and mind enough to make those plans work. These goats are extremely hard working. They won’t beat around the bush as they like to know where they stand. They need assurance that their relationship will go somewhere. Having flings is not their piece of Cake.


Heart-shaped Chocolates would be perfect for them as they are looking for a token of commitment rather than the taste.  




Aquarians have a very curious and creative mind. They love to invent things. Being in a relationship with them would never be boring. They love to get to know the person before setting their heart on them. If they are trying to spend more time with you, they are actually interested in taking things further.


Chocolate coated nuts will be perfect for them.    




Pisces are dreamers and you would often find them sitting in a balcony lost in their own la la land! They are very emotional so their love tends to go either way but whatever it is, it will be extreme. They are like grown up babies; cute and adorable.


They like grand gestures. Thus, a box of Ferrero Rochers would be good for them.

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