Common Little Mistakes to Avoid While Presenting Gifts to Your Dear Ones

Gifting is one of the most special ways to express your good wishes for someone. But, being human, we all might end up making mistakes while gifting, unknowingly. Whether it is a simple oversight, or being forced by circumstances, mistakes committed while presenting gifts is always frowned upon.


Here are some pointers to keep in mind while gifting –

  • Not Keeping the Person’s Taste in Mind

A gift makes a powerful statement. This is exactly why you should bear the receiver’s preferences in mind. All his or her likes should always be taken into consideration, in order to ensure that your gift is cherished wholeheartedly. A thoughtful gift never ceases to make a mark!

  • Do not Gift Back the Same Thing that You had Received from Him or Her

Gifting something that you received to someone who can make better use of it or likes it more is more or less fine. But giving away the same gift that you had once received from one of your relative  to another relative implies that you do not value the gift and are willing to give it away, moreover it could turn out to be embarrassing being in the same circle. Whether it is by mistake or unknowingly, it should be avoided at all costs.

  • Not being Thoughtful before Gifting Flowers

Flowers are some of the most special delights to gift. Loaded with hidden meanings, and deep significances, they are the perfect way to spread the delight of any ceremony or occasion. But certain flowers convey negative thoughts and ill-wishes, and must not be presented if you are looking to gift something that the receiver will be happy to receive. Here are some of the flowers to watch out for –

1. Yellow Tansy- These flowers may be delightful to look at but they secretly convey the message “I declare war on you”.

2. Pink Peonies- Pink and beautiful, these flowers are a joy to receive. But underneath their beauty hides a more sinister meaning. They point towards thoughts anger and rage.

  • Not Gifting on Time

We should always try and remember the date of an occasion or an event to be able to plan a gift and present it on time. You can set reminders on your phone, mark the dates on your calendar, or note it down on your personal organizer. Being insensitive towards remembering the date, and not planning a thoughtful gift can be really hurtful for your dear ones.

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