Creative Gifting Ideas for a House Warming Party

A housewarming party is always special. A celebration, ensuring joyous merrymaking is held, to commemorate a person shifting to a new abode.

From cakes, flowers, no gifting idea is left untouched. Here are some special gifts to propagate the joy of the eve of housewarming among the party guests.

1. House plants

House Plants

From an intricately designed bonsai, to an indoor lucky bamboo plant, none can be disheartened by the sight of a beautiful green houseplant placed in a gorgeous vase, or pot.

Whether the plant is kept in the corner of one’s living room, or in the balcony, nothing can be finer than witnessing the sight of a green plant in one’s house. Presenting a green plant in a housewarming party is one of the finest gifts.

2. A Brew Basket

A Brew Basket

A basket containing the finest tea bags from Assam, or imported coffee beans from the Middle East, is always something to always be treasured.

Whether the receiver is a coffee connoisseur sipping a cup of Latte in the morning, or an evening tea drinker imbibing the taste of the finest tea straight from the tea plantations of Assam, be assured that a brew basket is something that he or she will cherish.

3. Monogrammed Memorabilia 

	Monogrammed Memorabilia

From an exquisite pendant engraved with the names of the housewarming party hosts, to a beautifully designed ring bearing something of remembrance from the sender, a monogrammed memento of remembrance is always special.

Nothing preserves the memory of this joyous occasion more than a monogrammed object of remembrance.

4. Scented Diffusers

Scented Diffusers

The perfect way to fill the environment with freshness and fragrance, a diffuser is one of the best gifts to give in a housewarming party.

Unlike scented candles, a diffuser does not require someone to oversee them 24/7. Whether or not a person leaves them lying around in the living room as he or she goes shopping, a diffuser will work constantly till it runs out, filling the room with fragrance and freshness. This undoubtedly makes them one of the best gifts to give in any house warming party or occasion.

5. Board Games

Board Games

Fun and exciting indoor board games are the best way to light up those long, dull evenings. From a game of wits the chess match, to a game of thrill and luck, monopoly, nothing instills the spirit of joy and sportsmanship than a fun-filled board game.

Get a set of these special board games as housewarming party presents and light up their boring evenings.

6. Bath GoodiesBath Goodies

Bath times are where one freshens up and prepares for a new day. Whether it is body butter, bath salts, body lotions, or a strawberry scented shower gel, a collection of bath goodie is always something anyone can appreciate.

The perfect housewarming party present to anyone just moving in.

7. Wall Hanging

Wall Hanging

A portrait personalized with the photo of that joyous moment you shared with the party hosts, or an exotic tribal headpiece, from the indigenous Onge tribal group, in the Andaman Islands, is always souvenir to be cherished. Nothing can be treasured more than a gift of a beautiful wall hanging decoration in the eve of housewarming.

Whether it is placed at the back wall of the living room, or hanged at the corner of a bedroom, a housewarming souvenir is always a delight.

You can even get lucky bamboo indoor plant or scented candles online, counting them as an equally beautiful house warming gift.

What can be more special than a housewarming party, in celebration of occupying a new abode. After All, “home is where the heart is”

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