Cuddle Her with a Teddy Bear

Valentine week is all about celebrating love with your near and dear ones. A whole week stands ahead of Valentine’s Day to welcome it in high spirits and with great enthusiasm. This festival of love has no specific religion and no rigid cultures or traditions. It follows only one religion practiced by all across the world i.e. the religion of love. Teddy bear day is one of the seven days of festivities. It helps in letting each other realize the sweetness of their relationship.


A teddy bear is a symbol of love and sweetness. It is a soft toy gifted mostly to a girl to make her discover cuteness prevailing in her relationship. It is a known fact from centuries that these little things are girls’ best friends. Sight of these probably makes a girl forget her worries for some time and brings a sweet smile across her face.

Teddy bear day, celebrated on February 10 every year adds up to the already prevalent romance in the air. Since the inception of the day, shape, size, color and form of the teddy bears has underwent huge changes. They are being designed exclusively for the day in different shades of pink, red and white. These are also an escape medium for those who stay perplexed about what to gift to their ladylove.

To help men avoid the embarrassment of going into a gift shop asking for that cute teddy bear or carrying it around on the roads, online gift portals have come to their rescue. Now you can sit in any corner of the world and vent out your heartfelt emotions conveniently. So, go ahead and convey the innocence of your love with cuddly soft teddy bears. Make this Valentines a memorable one for both of you.

MyFlowertree:    Wishing you Happy Teddy Day

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