Did You Find Your Parents in This List?

The typical generation who always makes you realize that you are either too big or too small for everything you do. You are too small to make your decisions but too big to take care of all your things and stuff. You are too big to slide the staircase but too big to ask for breakfast in bed and the list goes on.

Paper chain family protected in cupped hands

When I was your age parent:

Yes, exactly that’s the dialogue you get on all your failures. WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE, I did this, I did that and look you are such a looser. Anyway we love you, you are our child.

at ur age

The over-mannered parent:

Why you aren’t hair rightly combed? Why isn’t your shirt tucked in? Why is your spoon on the wrong side of the plate? Seriously, yes we all know at least one such parent who is always schooling about manners. And mind you even your friends are not spared.

Tameez se bat karo

The over-working parent:

They are too tired and busy to listen to your stories or worry about your sports meet or cultural program. Hey you know that mommy and daddy are it doing it for you. YES!!

working-parent -cartoon

The tech troubled parent:

The parent did not grew up in the digital age but doesn’t holds back to try out the new technology from using smartphone and tablets to being active on Facebook and Whatsapp. So, he is always asking – what is LOL? How to send a friend request? I am unable to update my status? And this is just the starting!!


The over-friendly parent:

They are always eager to know all they can about your personal life even if you are dating or not? What’s his/her name? And mind you a lot more than this they ask. They are eager to meet everyone or anyone of your classmate or friend and even neighbor’s children. But this is not it. They will tell them all the unnecessary details that you wish to hide.

the parents

The never leaving parent:

Their goal is to interview everyone you meet, drop you at parties you wish to go (only if they approve of course), they will always come looking for you at any celebration even if you find someone very attractive to talk. So BEWARE!!

never leaving


But no matter what, they do love you unconditionally and you love them as equally and always want to see them smiling.


Happy Parents Day to all Lovely Parents. Send Flowers, gift and surprise them

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