Different Gifting Combos to Delight Your Dear Ones

Nothing fosters the sentiments of warmth and fellowship more than a gift. It is not merely an object, but a fragment of your heart and soul, a culmination of all your good wishes.  They are undoubtedly one of the most perfect ways to showcase your joy and affection.

From the air of love filling in an anniversary celebration, to the reciprocation of joy and delight in the eve of a birthday party, no occasion is complete without a gift.

6 of The Best Gift Combos

What finer to express your positive thoughts towards a person than by a gift? A combination of gifts, of course!

From a gift basket consisting of a single Toblerone chocolate bar along with some Juzt Jelly gummy bears, to a Gillette shower gel presented with some of the most aromatic scented diffusers manufactured by Ambi Pur, the possibilities of gifts are near endless.

Here are some of those special gift combos that you may gift your dear ones-

  • Chocolate and Flower Bouquet

No gifting surprise can be equal to the taste of a chocolate and the beauty of a bouquet of flower bouquet.

Chocolate and Flower Bouquet

From a crunchilious nut-filled bar of Snicker with a bouquet of white carnations, to a chocolate gift basket of Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls accompanied by a basket of delightful pink lilies, the options are nearly unending, as is the joy in gifting them.

  • Teddy Bear and Cakes

Who cannot be charmed by a soft toy? Cute, fuzzy, and adorable, a soft toy is always a joy to receive. What better way to highlight the cutesiness of a soft toy than by a delicious cake?

Teddy Bear and Cakes

Soft, spongy, moist, and absolutely delicious, a cake is available in almost every flavor and variety. Whether it is a furry teddy bear and a chocolate cake, or a fluffy little elephant soft toy and a butterscotch cake, the combinations of these two are many.

  • Sweets and Dry Fruits

Whether it is an intricately designed box of sweets full of kesariya laddoos, or a silver plated pooja thali filled with kaju barfis, be sure that these mouthwatering traditional sweets are always bound to delight your senses.

Sweets and Dry Fruits

What better way to present these sweets than with a collection of relishing dry fruits. Healthy and nutritious, a dry fruit collection comprising of a box of cashews, to a box of almonds, a collection of dry fruits is truly delicious, as it is beautiful.

  • Bath Goodies and Scented Diffusers

A collection of bath goodies comprising of shower gels bottles from Gillette and a canister of bath salts from Ambi Pur, are a soothing delight that all look forward to. Whether he or she is washing under the shower, or lounging in a bath tub, the soothing embrace of these fine bathing goodies are something that all look forward to.

Bath Goodies and Scented Diffusers

What finer gift to accompany this bath goodie collection than by a fragrant scented diffuser. Whether it is the fragrance of lime, or the aroma of lavender wafting through the air, a scented diffuser kept anywhere in your house purifies the surroundings, adding a breath of fresh air into the staleness.

  • Mugs and Cushions

A beautifully designed ceramic mug is always a joy. Right from the morning, when he or she wakes up, the sight of a coffee mug and/or a cushion lying on the sofa, greets this person.

Mugs and Cushions

Seeing the sight of the mug and cushion that you had gifted is guaranteed to fill the person with joy. You can even have the two personalized by printing a personalized message, or a picture that you two had shared.

  • Fragrance and Accessories

Bottles of perfumes and deodorants made by internationally renowned brands such as Axe, Gillette, Christine Dior, Armani etc. is a font of joy to always cherish.

Fragrance and Accessories

With a beautiful accessory presented together with it, you can be assured that the two will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable objects that he or she has possessed. What’s better is that you can even have the accessories personalized. From a simple black leather strap engraved with you and receiver’s names, to glittering gold pendant bearing the portraits of you both, it is always special.

No matter what the gift it is, one must always remember “Gifts of the heart can’t be claimed by anyone except the giver.”

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