Do You Know The Meaning of These Flowers?

  We all give and send flowers to our friends, family and loves one, but do you know that each flower stands for a specific meaning. Of course everybody knows that red roses are for love and the yellow ones for friendship but what about all those other varieties? It is important for you to know the right meaning of flowers so that you can easily choose them for the message you want to convey and make sure that it is not misunderstood.I mean as of course you will not give red roses to a girl you simply want to thank or give yellow to the one you love because you know the meaning of these flowers.  So here is what these different flowers mean:


Lilacs symbolizing the transition from adolescence into adulthood as these are the blooms to mark the arrival of spring. They symbolize youth and innocence. download


These are just so pretty and a legendary flower. Legend has it that snapdragons make a person appear more fascinating and cordial, and they also represent deception and graciousness. 2


These whimsical yet sophisticated flowers represents love. The red ones convey adoration, purple is for royalty, and multi-colors can be gifted just to send them heart-warming wishes. It’s a great choice for your first date. bunch of lovely red and yellow tulips isolated on white


Hydrangeas stand for grace, gratitude and beauty. These lovely flowers can be given to all the lovely ladies irrespective of the occasion. 4


These are my favourites as peonies are great for gifting to BFFs. These distinctive blooms are the flower of riches, honour, romance, prosperity and good fortune. Also they are widely given to wish newly-weds. 5


Carnations are simple yet gorgeous flowers that you can offer on parents day , Friendship Day , or give to friends and acquaintances on birthday and anniversary. They symbolize fascination, care, and love. 6


These lovely and charming flowers represent joy, happiness, and rebirth making it perfect for baby showers and birthdays. 7  


These suit best to wish a happy morning as their yellow is filled with sunshine, hope and cheer.