Do Your Bit: Start with Green Gifting

Nature nurtures us. It provides us food, shelter, and comfort. That is why it is our profound duty to preserve the environment and ensure its age long sustenance.

Natural Wonders – Nature at its best

From lush green rain-forests of the Amazons to snow capped mountain tops of the Himalayas, the wonders and scenic vibrancy of natural wonders are unprecedented. They soothe and relax our minds and bodies while asking for nothing in return. We as human beings have an obligation to preserve it, so that everyone is able to cherish its joy. Green Gifting

Green Gifting

With the growth of human population and the increasing urbanization of the natural environment, global environment issues have caused shifts in trends related to the various aspects of society, gifting being the most prominent of them. Focusing more on maintaining the environmental health and the delicate ecological balance, the idea of presenting environmentally-friendly green gifts have been highly beneficial to the global ecological landscape. Here are some of the most common green gifting trends that have now become quite popular: –
  • Green plants

From purchasing green money plants through the local florist shop to ordering bamboo plants online, green plants spread environmental goodness, and are one of most beautiful objects to gift.
  • Homemade Gifts

From a personally handmade card to a hand-baked cake, a gift created by someone personally and presented to that person is forever to be cherished.
  • Doormats and Wall-Hangings

An intricately designed doormat or a wall hanging made from the finest Eco-friendly materials are a sight to behold. Whether it is a housewarming party or a homecoming occasion, these two gifts are always special.
  • Organic Wine

The sophistication of wine is truly splendid and regal.What finer way to express your ecological sentiments than by an exquisite bottle of fine organic wine?
  • Eco-friendly Bath Goodies

From soaps to shower gels, relaxing with wonderful bath goodies is always as soothing as it is relaxing.

Advantages of Gifting Green

The environment today stands on a highly delicate tipping point. Eco-friendly gifting is one of the many initiatives taken to help ensure its continued longevity. With the exchange of these gifts, the harmful effects dealt to the environment have been somewhat abated. Here are some of the great benefits of green gifting: –
  • Reduces Garbage

Biodegradable materials ensure that objects are properly broken down and decomposed. This in turn ensures garbage does not accumulate on land, creating a clear atmosphere. Common gifts such as toys, accessories, crockery sets, stationary objects, etc. made out of eco-friendly materials construe a healthier environment.
  • Controlling Global Warming

As a gas that absorbs heat and contains it, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is one of the main reasons for severe climate change. An increase in carbon dioxide levels in the air causes temperatures all around the world to rise.  Numerous problems arise due to this –  rise in sea level, storms, heat wave, etc. to name a few. By gifting Eco-friendly indoor plants online that absorb carbon dioxide from the air and give out oxygen, the effect of global warming may be subverted to a certain extent.
  • Promoting Healthier and Cleaner Environment

Green Eco-friendly gifts help keep the environment free from harmful impurities. This ensures a greener, cleaner, and fresher environment.
  • Beautifying the Surroundings

The air of natural beauty and splendor exuded by these green gifts is always delightful. With a reduction in garbage and waste, a fresher, cleaner, and more beautiful environment is ensured for all.
  • Keeping the Atmosphere Cool

Green plants release a steady stream of fresh oxygen and moisture into the atmosphere. This causes the atmosphere to get cooled down, which subsequently negates rise in temperature and promotes a cooler and more soothing environment. Preservation of nature and the surroundings that we live in should always come first. As the legendary poet William Wordsworth once said “Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher”. Time to go green, and create a legend of your own.