Everything You Need to Know About Bonsai Plants

Bonsai refers to the art of cultivating living trees specimens in small containers. The reason for keeping bonsai trees in small containers is to retain a compact tree size. The ancient art of bonsai has been practiced for over a thousand years to construct a realistic miniature representation of the natural trees. People of Japan and China cultivated bonsai plants in small pots to introduce peace and nature into the home. The cultivation of bonsai plants is accomplished by using techniques like purposeful pruning, restrictive potting, and bonsai wire shaping. The trend of growing bonsai plants at home has also started recently in different parts of the world, and it is becoming very popular in India. Bonsai trees are a beautiful mixture of art and beauty and it is an amazing way to bring nature to your home.

There are endless benefits of bonsai plants that you can enjoy by growing them at home or office. They contribute a lot towards improving the overall look of your home or workplace, help purify the indoor air, and alleviate stress. So, check out the wide array of bonsai plants at the online plant nursery and pick the best ones for your home and office. Some of the important tips on how to take care of your bonsai have been listed below. Have a look!

  1. Water Your Bonsai Plant!

The most vital part of taking care of your bonsai plants is to water them correctly. How often your bonsai needs to be watered depends on factors like size of the tree, species, size of the pot, climate, and soil mixture. You may think watering bonsai plants is no-brainer. But, these plants have specific water requirements. You must immerse the entire bonsai tree in a bucket of water every one week or when the topsoil feels completely dry. Once the air bubbles have completely risen to the top it indicates that your bonsai tree has absorbed enough water.

 Humidity is also a major consideration to maintain the good health of bonsai. All the bonsais that you shop from an online plants nursery come with a bag of pebbles and a humidity tray. Unwrap the humidity tray, cover it with the provided pebbles and then the pebbles should be covered with a little water. This setup will increase the humidity level for your bonsai, in addition to protecting the surface of the table on which it is placed.

Water your bonsai plant!

  1. Where To Place The Bonsai

Bonsai plants have magical powers that bring a natural and peaceful feel to any space. Since it is technically a tree, it makes an extraordinary addition to a room or outdoor space. You can place it either outside or near the window, but make sure that your bonsai tree gets plenty of direct sunlight.  Since bonsai is well known for its tranquility, it is always a great idea to place them in your workspace. So, buy bonsai plants online and gift them to your husband or coworker as they would love a bonsai tree to spruce up their workplace. Yes, a bonsai plant is an easy indoor plant choice and it does really well in an office environment!

Where to place the bonsai

  1. Prune Your Bonsai

Simply trimming these beautiful miniature trees is one of the main attractions of growing bonsai at home. The ultimate aim of pruning is to maintain the shape of the tree as it grows. Additionally, cleaning up the top growth is just to ensure growth elsewhere on your bonsai plant. To remove the dead branches you can use bonsai clippers. Then decide on the branch to trim to maintain the desired look.  Pruning bonsai plants is an art form, which is why this miniature tree makes the best gift to be presented on various special occasions.

Prune your bonsai

  1. The Right Soil

It is not right that any soil will ensure the growth of your bonsai. It is important to find soil that drains quickly but still manages to retain some water content. The soil should also contain some particles to make sure that it allows oxygen to reach the roots. Luckily, you can find special soils in the market made just for bonsai plants, or you can even opt to mix it yourself, the choice is yours! During growth season you should add some fertilizer to the soil so that it grows well. So, order bonsai plants online India and present them to your dear ones on every special day.

The right soil

Wrapping Up

Growing bonsai at home has always brought to mind the idea of special care and immense patience. So, order bonsai fruits plants online India via online plants delivery and surprise all your near and dear ones on their special day. Browse through the plethora of bonsai tree varieties online and pick the best one that fits your home or workplace. Shop the right one now!

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