Experiment with Cake Themes: Explore the Variety Online

A themed cake is always a delight to taste, as it is splendid to look at. Elegant and delightful to look at, a themed is perfect for any occasion. Whether it is a grand birthday bash, or an anniversary day special treat, a cake mirroring the theme of the day is perfect.

Themed Cakes

From a cartoon themed birthday cake, shaped like the cartoon cat- Tom, from the timeless cartoon classic Tom and Jerry, to a space themed cake having all the 8 planets in the solar system, with the Sun at the center, the possibilities of cake themes are only limited by the boundaries of your imagination.  Sugar free cake or not, a themed cake is guaranteed to be a joy.

Here are some special themed cakes to celebrate any occasion with –

  • Cartoon Themed Cake

Cartoon Themed Cake

A cartoon theme cake baked in the shape of your favorite cartoon character is always a joy to see and taste. Whether it is a cake baked in the shape of the cartoon rabbit Bugs Bunny, or it is a cake baked in the shape of the friendly cartoon ghost Casper, a cartoon themed cake cheers up all.

  • Sports Themed Cake

Sports Themed Cake

Whether it is the thought of scoring a goal in a football field, or spectating an exciting game of cricket while sitting in the stands with your loved ones, a cake baked in the shape of your favorite sport is perfect for you.

  • Wildlife Themed Cake

Wildlife Themed Cake

From a Cheetah stalking its prey in the Savannahs, or an elephant grazing peacefully on tall grasses, one does not need to be a lover of wildlife to experience the thrill of the great outdoors. Have these exotic creatures sculpted in the sponginess of a cake and feel the majestic untamed beauty of nature.

  • Gadget Themed Cake

Gadget Themed Cake

If having powerful, ergonomic, and high performance gadgets at your finger-tips is what you dream of all day, then a gadget themed cake is perfect for you. From being a diehard techy, to just a casual lover of technological masterpieces, a gadget themed cake in the shape of a smart phone, studded with strawberry, and chocolate bits, as popular apps, is always something that is guaranteed to delight you.

  • Retro Themed Cake

Retro Themed Cake

Vintage, sophisticated, and elegant, a retro themed cake is always a delight to experience. From a cake shaped in the form of a gramophone inserted on it, to a cake in the shape of a jukebox, a retro themed cake is sure to bring about that feeling of joyous nostalgia.

  • Space Themed Cake

Space Themed Cake

A spongy created in the shape of all the 8 planets in our solar system, with the sun at the center, is a truly spectacular delight. Experience the mystery and adventure of space as you savor a slice of a delicious space themed cake.

  • 7 Wonders of the World Themed Cake

7 Wonders of the World Themed Cake

From the great pyramid of Giza, to the white marbled Taj Mahal, nothing can be more of a delight than marveling at these architectural masterpieces. Immerse yourself in the magnificence of these wonders shaped in the form of cakes.

  • Musical Instrument Themed Cake

Musical Instrument Themed Cake

Who cannot be entranced by the harmonious melodies of a violin being played, or a guitar strumming melodic musical tunes? Whether you are passionate about music or not, be sure that a cake in the shape of a musical instrument is bound to be a delight.

It takes only a minute to eat a slice of cake, but the taste lingers on for a long time.

After all, if nothing else is “ Cake is for life”.

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