Five steps to nourish Married Life

Sometimes human beings fail to address their dearest feeling. Ones without whom we can’t even imagine our lives, are the only people we tend to ignore the most unknowingly. The relation, which suffers the most due to this ignorance, is that of a husband and a wife. You need not do something out of the box to make your spouse feel loved . Smallest gestures can work wonders.


Here are five easy ways to let your love realize that you care:

  1. Take out time: Mark in your schedule an hour for your partner daily and make it the best hour of the day. Plan atleast a day out every month for movies, shopping or whatever makes you and your partner happy.
  2. Communicate: Couples fail to understand the importance of communicating their feelings to each other. There is no harm in letting the other one know that their certain behavior hurts you. Don’t let negative thoughts build up a mountain in your mind. Let them out in simple and direct words and see the magic.
  3. Accept your spouse: Since we were teenagers we used to dream about our dream girl or dream man. Step out of those dreams and accept the reality. Once you accept the person beside you with his or her flaws, soon you will realize your real world is much better than your dream world.
  4. Maintain a balance: There is a fine line between depending on your partner and being independent. Do not suffocate him or her by always being around neither always go around doing things alone making them feel unwanted. Maintaining a balance is a must for your relation to grow.
  5. Intimacy: Being intimate is inevitable for that ever-lasting connection. Don’t let the hustle bustle of everyday life over power your sex life. Talk about it with your partner and address each other’s physical needs.

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