Flowers Therapy to help reduce depression

We are living in a world which is moving at the Godspeed. It is difficult to keep up with its evolution. As humans, we have damaged our mother earth for our own benefits and converted into the land that only understands profit. The profit of education, the profit of sales and even the profit of loving. In order to keep up with its pace, we push our emotions and thoughts at the back of the mind which ultimately pile up to lead us towards depression. Flowers can help anyone overcome with depression. Ask your loved ones to incorporate these floral oils in their lives for a happy heart and free mind: 1. Lavender 6   Lavender has a rejuvenating essence that helps the mind to easy. It rings in positive energy if used daily. Add a few drops of this oil in your bath water and soak yourself in it for good 1 hour. Its aroma will bring instant results. 2. Rose 7 Rose has a romantic scent with a kick of freshness in it. Rose oil will lift up your spirits in no time. You can add rose essence in your food daily and make the dishes tastier and stress relieving. 3. Mustard 8 Mustard flower is easily available in India and costs nothing. Its oil can help you to fight with hopelessness. If you consume it daily, you will not feel discouraged without any reason. 4. Sunflower Ayçiçeği ve yağ Sunflower is associated with sunshine. It is energised by sun and thus contains its healing powers. It represents hope. Incorporate it into your daily life and you will never feel sad again. 5. Peach Flower 10 Peach flower is therapeutic as the flower’s scent helps to reduce depression. It improves metabolism and increasing energy level. Use it in your bath water and food to become happy. Depression is a pitch dark well where one cannot think well. It is only with love and care that can help a person to fight with it. So, extend a warm hand and vibrant flowers to help someone deal with it.