Forgot Your Friend’s Birthday? Get These Beautifully Designed Birthday Cakes and Save Your Friendship

They say that “a good friend remembers what we were and sees what we can be”. A friend is someone who knows almost everything about us. What we like, what we hate, and even some of our deepest and darkest secrets. But no matter what we are, he or she stands by us, and supports us.

The birthday of your best friend

From going on a midnight stroll with your friend, to chitchatting with him or her on the sofa, your friend has always been there for you. How can you repay such a person?
But wait a minute; you forgot his or her birthday! What do you do in this situation? Do not worry, here are some specially designed theme cakes to brighten up the mood of anyone and say those three magic words “I am sorry”

Tom n Jerry Theme Cake :

Tom n Jerry Theme Cake

Relight the smile of your friend with this colorful and fun-filled cake. Bearing the image of the ever-popular cartoon Tom and Jerry, this special cake is always a joy to see and imbibe, and even more of a joy to when your friend sinks his or her teeth into!

Angry Birds Theme Cake:

Angry Birds Theme Cake

To a person who is deeply into games, software, and mobile apps, this cake will always be his or her jam. What better cake is there than a cake in the shape of one of the most popular series ever – Angry Birds! Get him or her this cake and have it with your friend, and you will be forgiven!

Cricket Theme Cake:

Cricket Theme Cake

If the idea of adrenaline pumping up his or her biceps, or sitting on the couch and watching an action packed game of cricket excites your friend, you can be sure that this is the perfect cake. Forgot his or her birthday and worried that you two may no longer be friends? This cake is all that you need to give, and all that your friend needs to have, a taste of it!

Designer Hand Bag Cake :

Designer Hand Bag Cake

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends is what he or she is involved with all day? Then get your friend this delicious birthday cake designed in the shape of a stylish and trendy handbag. Whether or not top fashion labels such as Gucci, Versace, Guess, Prada, Louis Vuitton fits your friend’s tastes, this hand bag shaped cake surely will.

Circus theme cake :

Circus Theme Cake

The joy of a circus can never be forgotten. From acrobats performing daring feats that you keep some on the edge, to clowns making everybody laugh with their hilarious antics, one can never forget visit to a circus. Make your friend relive the joy and excitement of a circus with this circus themed cake.

Smirn Off Theme Cake:

Smirn Off Theme Cake

A posh and sophisticated bottle of the highly acclaimed Vodka brand Smirn off is always a pleasure to indulge in. Present this smirn off themed cake and see the joy and delight on your friend’s face when he receives it.

Train engine Theme Cake:

Train engine Theme Cake

From the popular children’s character “Thomas the Tank Engine” to modern day bullet trains, and maglevs, trains are always a fascination for everyone. Rekindle your friend’s childhood fantasy of owning and driving a train with this train engine themed cake.

Horse Theme Cake:

Horse Theme Cake

Whether he or she is a lover of wildlife, this horse themed cake is guaranteed to delight. With the perfect replica of a horse’s head, who can resist diving his or taste buds into the magic of this cake?

Marine Theme Cake:

Marine Theme Cake

Who isn’t enraptured by the beauty o and mystery of the deep blue oceans, and all the flora and fauna in its depths? Present your friend with this aquatic themed cake and express your apologies.

Friendship doubles your joys, and divides your sorrows. One surely does not need to be an expert mathematician to understand that. After all, what is life without friends? So what are you waiting for! Send some personalized gifts for your friend or plan some unique birthday gifts to lighten his or her birthday.

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