Friendship’s Day Gifts According to Zodiac

Friendship’s Day is around the corner and it is that time of the year again when we all get sentimental about our friendship with our close friends. We give our best to express our love for them by dedicating some great quotes to them or by gifting them the best from the lot. Every year we come up with some unique gift ideas which can be most loving to them. Why not try something totally different this time. As we know, gone are those ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ days when friendship bands were considered best. And we must have been gifting same kind of gifts every year. So, why not break the monotony this time. Let us gift something to our friend’s which matches their personality. When we talk about personality, we cannot skip zodiac signs. So, here are few gift ideas for Friendship’s Day according to zodiac signs:


Aries: People belonging to this zodiac sign are very impulsive, aggressive and active. They are always eager to learn new. They prefer what is inside the box rather than the extra toppings you include as in wrapping and decoration. They are selective about the gifts and the gifts should be a precious one as they do not appreciate every other thing. So some jewellery piece, passes or tickets for some adventurous sport, any electronic item or gadget, some learning manuals like of knitting, cooking, etc. will go best with their personality.

Taurus: People falling under this zodiac sign are stubborn, possessive, and lazy and yet they are loyal, generous, persistent and most importantly dependable. They like it when people put their efforts and they appreciate little gestures. At the same time, they love comfort. For these people anything which can provide them comfort like couch, rocking chair or bean bags could be one of the best options. Apart from that you can gift the some good music CDs, food, any antique art or coin, etc.

Gemini: Gemini are energetic, clever, witty, imaginative and adaptable but at the same time they are restless, indecisive and impetuous. They love to learn new things and they love everything in gifts. So, this sign is easiest of all to buy gift for. Instead of sticking to one specific gift you can go for goodies bag. Also, they love travelling so some guide books, travel books will be best for them. They prefer thoughts behind the gift rather what is inside the box.

Cancer: Cancerians are little moody, over- sensitive, clingy and self-pitying. But then, they are loyal, dependable, caring and loving. They are overly attached with their loved ones and family. And they love it when you express your thanks and gratitude through gifts. Let them know your feelings and thought behind the gift and they’ll like the gift already. Gifting options for them could be some sentimental photographs, any house decorating piece, scrapbook recollecting all their cherished moments, some crockery items, etc.

Leo: Leo are totally confident, ambitious, generous and loyal but then they are pretentious, domineering and self- glorifying. They have a very fine taste of art and jewellery and they love receiving gifts. These people love comfort and luxurious way of living. So one has to be really specific while selecting gifts for the. Antique jewellery, stylish clothing, hand bags, spa voucher or selected range of chocolates & cookies will make their day.

Virgo: Virgos are helpful, precise, analytical and observant. But still they are very critical, fussy, cold and inflexible. They are organized and like doing their work in structured manner. They analyse everything so they prefer idea behind the gift. Any handmade thing, whether chocolates or cards top their list. They like it simple but meaningful. Also things which help them to maintain their organized schedule like calendars, diaries, etc. are a good option.

Libra: People coming under this category love balancing their life. If they are hospitable, peaceful, graceful, idealistic then they are diplomatic, indecisive and sometimes superficial as well. They embrace beauty and they believe in a stress free life. Some of the gifting options for them could be decorative materials like picture frames and candlesticks. They take a little care of themselves so any spa and self-pampering vouchers will be useful to them. Also, some good music, books, candlelight dinner at some good restaurant, etc. will top their list.

Scorpio: People falling under this sign are loyal, passionate, observant and dynamic yet they are jealous, suspicious and manipulative. They love anything which is dark, mysterious, alluring and secretive. They like things which deals with water. Gifting options for them could be flower vase and saplings. Also, they will scarves, sunglasses, any good thriller & mysterious book. And of course, the gift should be well wrapped which keep them guessing what is inside the box.

Sagittarius: Sagittarians are independent, encouraging, friendly and full of positive energy. But they also are unemotional. They are adventurous and like travelling. They believe in learning new things from wherever possible. When choosing a gift for Sagittarians, go for CDs, encyclopaedias, books, manuals etc. so that they can keep on learning. Also, tickets for any art show or concert will make their day.

Capricorn: Capricorns are ambitious, patient, responsible and loyal but at the same time they are dictatorial, unimaginative and conceited. They love anything which is soft, warm and comfortable. While choosing gift for them keep in mind that it should be useful to them. Soft blanket, bathrobe, any woollen clothes like sweater or scarf will top their list. Also, a delicious homemade dinner will bring smile on their face.

Aquarius: Aquarian, though are witty, original, humanitarian and inventive yet they are stubborn, unemotional, rebellious and sarcastic. They love the nature and arts. They have fascination for anything unusual. So, any rare or unusual gifts like painting, currency coin, art piece, antique showpiece, jewellery or any flamboyant clothing will suit best for them. Tickets to art museum or any souvenir will make their day.

Pisces: People falling under this sign are very compassionate, romantic, sentimental and adaptable and at the same time they are over-sensitive, indecisive and self- pitying. They love nature. Their gift should be artistic, spiritual and creative. For them, thought behind the gift really matters. Handmade scrapbooks full of photographs, memos, wind chimes and antique items will be some of the best options. Any religious work of art or idols can also be included in the option. Also, you can go for gemstones if your pocket allows.

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