Get Acquainted with the Latest Gifting Trends

“Wishes and pleasantries may come and go, but a gift stays in one’s heart and mind forever”- a notion that has been carried forward throughout the ages, time and again.

A gift is far more than a physical object that we see it as. It is a portion of our warmth for the person and a sweet gesture to show how special his/her being is for us. Reciprocating to the feeling, our loved one will surely treasure the gift with all his/her heart, and not just experience it with the eyes.

Latest Rakhi Gifting trends

Here are some of the most popular Raksha Bandhan Gifting Trends that have been acquired these days:

  • Shifting from sweets to sugarfree products

Gifting sweets has been a custom since ancient times. Whether it is someone’s birthday or a religious occasion, sweets have always been something that has always been a highlight of any event.

With the advent of the modern age, the trend of gifting sweets has shifted more towards creating that perfect balance between health and taste.

Various sugar free products, such as sugar free cakes, sugar free chocolates, etc have been introduced to cater to the health as well as taste buds of the people. With all the great taste of sweet, minus the adverse health effects associated with sugar, one can experience the best of both worlds.

  • From expensive and best gifts to personalized and customized gifts

Gifting is not all about the monetary value. A gift from the heart is something worth cherishing rather than considering the most expensive diamond set to be the ultimate prized possession.

Modern day society understands that. People try more and more to highlight the intrinsic significance of gifts, rather than just hit on the monetary value.

A gradual shift in the gifting trend has been initiated considering the special feeling that the giver wishes to share while gifting a dear one.

  • From occasion centric gifts to feel special gifts

A gift can be given anytime and anywhere. Modern society accepts this notion, shifting the trend from being occasion-centric to getting something special to your dear one, on any regular day is what makes the other person feel appreciated and cared for.

Consider rakhi for example. Whether a brother sends rakhi gifts for his beloved sister or a when a sister gives raksha bandhan return gifts to her brother, the same gifts can again be given at any time of the year, and still be received with equal zest, joy and delight.

This is why gifts having the special meaning have taken precedence over gifts pertaining to occasions.

  • From gifting simple pictures to gifting beautiful collages

A photograph captures those special moments in one’s life that can be relived time and time again by framing. But imagine a group of photos together. These not only capture the moment, but also let one immerse in them completely. A true memorabilia that is timeless through all ages.

  • From assembling gifts to getting the right combos at one place

Picking several gifts and combining them to form a package has always been something that people have done. But now, people can just get exclusive premade combo gifts and have them delivered.

Whether it is a combo of 12 yellow roses and a butterscotch cake, or a red rose bouquet with a chocolate cake, a gift combo is truly something that everyone can appreciate having.

The possibilities are only limited by the boundaries of your imagination.

Online Gift delivery

Online delivery services nowadays are highly efficient and reliable. One can get gifts even at midnight, or on the same day of order. People now may no longer let slow and cumbersome gift delivery stand in the way of the joy of gift giving.

It could be a special event, or just a random surprise. But no matter what you are giving for, or whom you are giving it to, a gift is something will always be ever-present in one’s memory.

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