Gift Her Flowers Because ...

She is the Best Thing Happened to your Life Without her you would have never known how beautiful this relationship is and how it feels to be loved and cared by someone, so much. She gives you a reason to smile and rejoice every day.   b2  

And Re-visit your First Date

Romance is just not for the first date but it a thing of a lifetime. Her love and admiration for you grows everyday and she finds you the most perfect person even if you have some imperfections. It’s never too late or too old to be romantic all over again.   b3

Because it’s a Long Time.

Never hold back when it comes to expressing your love to your loved ones. And there is no better way than conveying it with a gorgeous bunch of colorful blooms.   b4

Because She Completes You.

She knows when you are sad and cheers you up, she knows which shirt looks best on you, she knows how you like your tea and taking care of all these little things she completes. She loves you, grooms you and pampers you giving some of the most memorable moment of your life.   b5

For all the Good Food that shows on your Tummy

She loves to cook for you and take care that you eat well, just like a mother. It’s their way of pampering and showing their love and affection. So, be proud to show off that tummy because she loves you a lot.   b6

To Say, I Still Love You. And will always do

Love is something that grows with time and you need to always remind that to her that nothing has changed with time. Whatever phase you may be in, you love her still and will always do.   b1

Because there are no Side Effects

A gorgeous bouquet of flowers has never been reported to have any side-effects on anybody’s health. So of course you can make someone happy with this little effort.   b7