Gifting Beyond Occasions: Express Your Feelings When It Matters the Most

A gift is more than just a physical object. It is the culmination of the good wishes and the positive emotions that the giver has for the receiver. No matter if it’s an occasion or the eve, a gift spreads joy and delight to both the giver and the receiver and it doesn’t need a specific day for sharing and expressing your warmth.

Whether it is cheery cartoon themed cake with a gift basket for your little sister or a lucky bamboo indoor plant for your mom’s kitchen garden, a gift is always a joy to receive, as it is to give. 

The History of Gifting

Throughout history, the tradition of giving and receiving gifts has always been popular. From a lavish and opulent gift given to rulers, to gifts exchanged by people, giving or receiving a gift has always been special.

This age old tradition has been carried forward till this day. The gifting trend may have shifted to cater to a more modern taste and outlook, but the basic idea has always remained the same.

Gifting Beyond Occasions

Giving a gift is not solely occasion centric. It is always the innermost thoughts that count. From gifting your sibling a brand new smart phone, to gifting your beloved spouse a simple, yet beautiful anniversary card, the gifting choices are numerous, and always special.

Here are some special gifts that do not require an occasion to be special and you can gift them to your loved ones on any day.

  • Bath Goodies

Bath Goodies

Who can resist the sweet, invigorating aroma of freshly scented lemon wafting through the air, or the soothing sensation of lavender gently caressing one’s skin? From exotic bath salts, to shower gels, a bath goodie is never a disappointment to receive.

  • Accessories


Being adorned by a gorgeous accessory is something that all dream of. Whether it is a men’s cufflink, or a glittering gold necklace for women, an accessory is something that all desire to wear.

  • Apparels


Chic, stylish, and trendy, who can be less than delighted to receive apparels? From a classy pinstriped business suit, to a men’s polo t-shirt, to a cashmere sweater for women, the varieties are vast as they are exquisite. No one can be disappointed to receive apparel as a gift.

  • Flowers


Flowers are perfect for any occasion or eve, and even if there’s no occasion to celebrate flowers are best to make your dear ones feel special. Whether it is a passion-filled bouquet of red roses, or a bouquet of delightful yellow carnations, a flower is always a joy to give as it is to receive.

  • Treats


Delicious, mouthwatering, and succulent, savoring a delectable treat is always special. From a rich gourmet dish of a green lamb risotto with Fava beans, to a plate of piping hot samosas, to some mouthwatering cakes and sweets, a treat is something that is guaranteed to fill one with joy. Make your close people feel special with a delightful treat.

  • Gadgets


Powerful, stylish, and ergonomical, a gadget is always a joy to receive. It could be the latest smart phone, or a wireless Bluetooth speaker, be assured that a gadget is guaranteed to always be a delight.

In the end, it is the thought by which you present the gift matters.

As the renowned song artist Aretha Franklin said “Every day is a gift”.

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