Gifts You Can Get For Your Sister Other Than Chocolates and Sweets

The thread of Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi holds a special meaning in the hearts and minds of all.

It is more than just a symbol of the brother-sister bond. A grand and glorious exchange of gifts and wishes encompasses this day.

Get immersed in the delight and auspicious age old tradition, as the sister ties the sacred thread of Rakhi on the wrist of her brother, thanking him for always being by her side and supporting her.

This love is reciprocated back to her through multitudes of unique and special gifts presented by her brother to her.

Here are some of those unique and special gifts that you – her beloved brother may gift her on this day:


Perfumes and Deodorants


Fragrant, aromatic, breathtaking, and enchanting to the senses, a bottle of perfume is always a delight to experience. Gucci, Versace, Armani, Calvin Klein… the numbers of internationally renowned perfume brands are numerous.

Your sister will undoubtedly be enamored in the delightful fragrance, as will you.


Accessories for Sister


No sister can be disappointed to receive an accessory, it could be a sparkling gold necklace with a single massive diamond hanging in the center, an eye-catching silver bracelet studded with an assortment of precious gemstones, or a simple black leather band engraved both your names upon. It will always be special to her.

You can get all the best accessories, even special women accessories for your sister on the grand day of Rakhi.




Trendy, stylish, and chic, a handbag is one of those special things that your sister will be absolutely delighted to receive. From Christine Dior, Mont Blanc, Belmont, the brands are near endless, and so are the designs and variations.

Whether she is a true fashionista and keeps up with all the latest trends, or not, a stylish handbag, made from the finest leather is sure to light up her smile.




A flower is wonderful no matter the occasion. Whether it is a bouquet of red roses, or a basket of pink lilies, nothing can diminish their beauty or their significance.

Get the best flower bouquets,and present it alongside some of the most special rakhi gifts for sister.

Designer Dresses

Designer Dresses


May be it is designed by the internationally renowned clothing brands, or something that is simple, yet beautiful, dress is something that no sister can be disappointed to receive.

Adding your personal touch on the dress further enhances the beauty. So, why not have it custom-made with a memorable photo, or a heartfelt message dedicated to her? Nothing will be more joyous to her than to know that it came from you – her.

Mugs and cushions

Mugs and Cushions

Waking up early in the morning, a mug filled with her morning coffee, or a cushion lying on the couch, are the one of those two things her eyes fall upon.

Imagine the joy on her face as she sees a photo of a joyous moment back in time that she had once shared with you, or an inspirational heart touching message written by you, printed on the exterior.  Presenting her with a memorable customized mug and/or cushion is a one of the best ways to make her day truly special.

Make Up Kits

Make Up Kits

We always strive to look our best. What better way to make your sister look like truly beautiful than by giving her a cosmetic make-up kit?

From lipsticks to eye-liners and eye-shadows, the varieties of make-up items in make-up kits are near endless.

No matter the gift, the joy of Raksha Bandhan lingers on even after the special day has passed. After all,”What’s the good of news if you haven’t a sister to share it”?

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