Have You Heard These 3 Myths About Valentine’s Day?

As it is with any holiday or occasion, Valentine’s Day, too have many myths and legends associated with it. These myths have been carried over from one generation to the next, and have transpired into tales or traditions. However, there is not enough evidence to prove that they are true, but there is not enough evidence to prove they are false, either. The fact of the matter is that these myths or legends exist and are active part of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Gift

Here are some of these:

1. It was started in Hallmark

One common tale associated with Valentine’s Day is that it was started by St. Valentine of Hallmark. However, in truth, there have been many St. Valentines in the past and there is a slight confusion as to which St. Valentine this day is attributed to. Another tale is that in the time of King Claudius II, there was a priest named St. Valentine. King Claudius II did not want men to marry, and instead join him in war. St. Valentine defied the law and got men and women married in secrecy.

2. It is a Christian Holiday

Many consider Valentine’s Day as a Christian holiday. Neither was it a Christian holiday originally, nor is it now, but yes, people treated it as a Christian holiday during a brief period of time. However, it is not a Christian holiday now, but it is celebrated around the world.

3. Charles, Duke of Orléans, sent poems love poems to Wife

This is a lesser known myth, but known nonetheless. This legend states that Charles, Duke of Orléans, sent his wife poems or cards (depending on which story you want to believe in) during this incarceration for 24 years, starting in 1415. Although he did send poems, many of them surviving to this day, there is no proof that this is the root of sending poems or cards to your partner on Valentine’s Day.

So, while looking for ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for your partner, it is important to know why it is celebrated. Some of these myths can give you really good ideas, for a good Valentine’s Day gift.

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