Home Decor Gifts for Your Friend Throwing a Housewarming Party

Nothing lights up an occasion of housewarming more than a gift. From an artistic wall hanging decoration, to an intricately designed curio, a housewarming party gift is always a joy to gift, as it is to receive.

The choices of home décor items that may be gifted are many. Here are some of those special presents to gift the housewarming party hosts on this special eve.

  1. Wall Hanging

An artistic decorative wall hanging is truly a marvelous way to decorate a new house. From an artistic painting, to a tapestry of flowers, to an exotic tribal headpiece from the Andaman Islands, a unique and exquisite wall hanging is guaranteed to spread joy and delight to all corners of a new house. These wall hangings are truly one of the most splendid delights for any friend in his or her housewarming party.

Wall Hanging

  1. House Plants

The beauty and the soothing radiance of a potted green house plant is as beauty, as it is relaxing. Whether it is a money plant, or an exotic Japanese Sakura Bonsai, these natural air purifiers of nature cleanse the impurities and foulness building up in the surroundings, spreading a wave of freshness and harmony. These plants are one of the most beautiful delights for any friend in his or her housewarming party.

House Plants

  1. Flower Vase and Flowers

From a basket of luscious red roses, to a bouquet of majestic purple orchids, a collection of flowers is always a delight to be in the presence of. What better way to store these fine floral wonders than within an intricately designed flower vase. Whether it is a rainbow of colors on the exterior, or a beautiful floral pattern, a collection of exquisite flowers kept in a gorgeous flower vase is always a delight to be enamored by.

Flower vase and flowers

  1. Crockery

A marvelous dining set designed by internationally renowned brands such as Ceramisia, IKEA, Homer Laughlin etc or a tea set made by J.L.Coquet or Royal Albert is always a wonder to see, as it is to possess. Nothing can equal to the joy experienced by savoring some of the finest delectable on a magnificent crockery set.


  1. Bed Sheets

A soft bed sheet, made from the finest cotton is something to beautify your rooms with. From a floral patterned bed sheet from Bombay Dying, to a handmade bed sheet designed by Truhome, the choices online are only limited by the boundaries of your imagination.

 Bed sheets

  1. Statue

An ornate and intricately sculpted statue is always a delight to reciprocate the joy of a housewarming occasion. From an auspicious Buddha statue for home made in pure white Rajasthani marble, to a gold-plated bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi, a statue is one of the most perfect delights to gift on your friend’s house warming party.


  1. Curio

Hand designed and artistically created, a curio is always a special delight. Crafted by the finest artisans the sight a curio is always a splendor to be marveled upon in any housewarming party. Whether your friend keeps it at the center of the dining table, or in the display showcase of his or her living room, a curio is one of the most perfect delights.


  1. Lamp shade

A decorative lamp shade illuminates the joy and delight of the atmosphere. From a decorative floral-patterned lamp shade that glows in the dark, to a canvas printed with pictures of animals that twinkles when light falls on it, presenting a decorative lampshade to your friend on the eve of housewarming is always splendid.

Lamp shade

  1. Scented Diffuser

Whether it is the freshness of lime, or the beautiful fragrance of a flowerbed of roses filling the air, a scented, fragrance filled diffuser is always a delight to receive as a gift. No matter where it is kept, the aura of soothing relaxation and calmness, exuded by the diffuser, fills the atmosphere, distilling all the impurities from the air. This is undoubtedly one of the finest gifts to have in any housewarming occasion.

 Scented Diffuser

  1. Bean bags

A soft, cushy, light, and filled with styrofoam, a bean bag placed on the floor is extremely comfortable to sit on. Whether it is a colored bean bag, or a bean bag decorated with an image or a pattern, gifting these wonderful fonts of comfort and pleasantness is truly a delight to delve into.

Bean bags

The delight of a housewarming eve is always special. After all, “A home is the only place where the heart, mind, body, and soul can all find peace”

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