How can Gifting a Themed Cake help you mend Broken Relationships?

Relationships are delicate. It takes months, even years to build a strong relationship that has trust, love and commitment. However, even if a relationship is based on mutual trust between the two, it often happens that the pillars shake and the relationship crumbles down. A small argument slowly leads to another, then a fight, and then finally, a break-up.

Breakups are never easy; they are the toughest phase to get over from. You cry, you lose your sleep, you think about them all the time.

However, you can make efforts to get them back in your life! And one way you can do it is by making a ‘Sweet’ move.

As they say, “Dessert doesn’t go to the stomach. Dessert goes to the heart.”

Dessert has the power to make people happy, to bring smile on even the saddest faces. The sweetness of desserts can make things right. Have you ever seen anyone crying or being sad while having a dessert?! We doubt!

Now, when we say dessert, cake is something that tops the list. A yummy cake can definitely make things better. Not just any other cake, though. A sweet, themed cake would be a more preferable option.

How, you may ask?!

A cake is a sweet delicacy. It is filled with cream and sugar, and is quite wholesome. Perhaps when you apologize to your partner to make things right holding a cake, you might succeed to melt their heart.

Then you two can sit together, eat the cake, and discuss while you work things out. It will be the opportunity to get rid of the misunderstandings and the communication gap that was there which may have led to the eventual break-up.

A themed cake will help you make things right with your partner. Show your partner you love him/her and take the first step to mend the broken relationship with a themed cake. If you are still clueless, here’s a list of themed cakes that you can go for:

A Rose Cake

Rose Cake

Imagine a small smile making its way to their lips when you show up with a rose cake in your hand. This heart shaped rose cake is perfect to say that your heart still beats for them. However, do remember to get some fresh red roses along with the cake, to have a better impact.

A Camera Theme Cake

Camera Theme Cake

A camera themed cake along with a personalized photo frame could be a subtle way of asking your partner to go back in time, and recollect all those sweet memories when you two were together. Choose a sweet memory; get it framed and gift it along with a camera cake.

A Smart phone Theme Cake

Smart phone Theme Cake

Let them know that you miss talking to them. This cake is the perfect way to tell them how much you miss all those sweet text messages you two exchanged, those late night phone calls and most of all, their voice.

If your feelings are true and genuine, you might just mend your broken relationship. However, with a themed cake, you might just increase your chances. You can also buy any other themed cakes for him/her. Choose to deliver the cake online to your partner’s home. And better yet, take it with you to the partner’s place.

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