How Chhapaak Movie Inspire Us to Celebrate International Women's Day?

Today, the social issues that people need to concentrate on are huge in number. One of the important issues as per today is the struggle of the women as the acid victim. Some men force women to marry him and if they refuse, they spray acid aiming to spoil their beauty, health, and entire life. There are lots of women found in society as the victim. Among them, Laxmi Agarwal is one of the victims who struggle in her life with the same issue. Writers Meghna Gulzar and Atika Chohan thought of presenting the issues more seriously in creating awareness through the movie and so they came up with the concept to make the movie, “Chhapaak”. People praise women and Celebrate women's day. On the other hand, these struggles and the darkness of the women also have to be revealed and the movie did it excellently. women's day celebration

Chhapaak: The Movie to Inspire the Women

The lead role is played by Deepika as Malti. It is the true story of the acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal. She was a 15-year-old girl and she was forced by a 32-year-old man who was her family friend. As she refused, she was attacked by the acid. She lost the hope of living further. Later, she found strength from her torturous ordeal and this inspired hundreds of other women who are living with the same struggle in their lives. With the best acting, Deepika adroitly sprinkles magic into her astonish authentic and honest portrayal of her role as Malti. Throughout the film, she remains to gain attention from the audience by empowering the potential of the character given to her. Through this, she has also proved to be the finest actresses of the entire generation.

What Does the Movie Convey? 

The theme of the movie is to spread awareness about the acid victim. It also fights for justice as Malti launches a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) case that insists to ban the sale of some corrosive fluid that is dangerous. Today, it is easily available for just 30 rupees in the shops. So it becomes easy for the cruel-minded people to buy it. One side people celebrate womens day, but on the other side, they have been subjected to such issues. The movie shows the hidden life of these women to have a spotlight in this society.

Why Do These Attacks Happen and People Especially Women get Affected?

When you need a single answer, it is not possible because there is no particular answer. It might be patriarchy, toxic masculinity, general apathy, caste, and several others. The lawyer of Malti clearly put forth the statement that the victims are always young women who have thousands of dreams in their lives. Only as the acid like hydrochloric and sulphuric acid are sold cost-efficiently in the local stores. The movie also shows a few statistics on the screen that bring out the list of acid victims in India. Even a couple of months back a girl was attacked by the acid. women's day celebration

Chhapaak, the Movie to Reclaim the Identity

From the other perception, the movie has given the reclaiming identities and fighting for the needs and survival with determination. The film further invests in exploring the psyche of the women who are suffering from the charred face and psychologically debilitating effects. Besides, the film also emphasizes the available surgeries and the intricacies to bring out facial reconstruction. It is constant reminders of how men try to erase women who do not comply.

What are the Fruitful Results of the Film?

The film clearly tells a strong message for every viewer. If you are a man: “do not force women to marry you, try to love her. If you can’t, do not try to spoil her life”. For the acid victims: “your life indeed experiences a turning point, but it doesn’t mean that it is the end of your life. Keep fighting for life”. For the society: “Ban the corrosive fluid”. Celebrating and honoring the women on the International women's Day will not prove your respect towards them, but safeguarding them does.

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