How Do We Make a Vodka Cake?

With the spongylicious delicacy of a cake, combined with a dash of well-prepared Vodka essence, the Vodka infused cake is a special treat to savor.

Simple, light, healthy, and elegant at the same time, the Vodka cake is one of the most perfect cakes to savor on any special occasion.

Vodka Cake

Steps for Baking a Vodka Cake

The baking process of this highly delectable cake is as simple, as it is elegant. Whether it is a cake to celebrate the joy of a birthday party, or a cake to present to your grandparents on their anniversary eve, a Vodka cake is a definite delight.

  • Ingredients

Every cake requires some of the most delectable ingredients, to make it truly enjoyable. The Vodka cake is no different. The main ingredients required to bake the perfect vodka cake are –

1. 3/4 cup vodka.

2. 1/4 cup cocoa power

3. 2 eggs.

4. Flour

5. Baking powder

6. Butter/margarine

7. Sugar

8. Water

  • Baking the cake

With all the ingredients to bake a Vodka cake gathered, one may proceed with the baking process

1. Raise the temperature in the baking oven to 160 C

2. Melt a chunk margarine or butter in a saucepan and add water, cocoa, and powdered sugar to it. Heating the mixture will give it a smooth and glossy glaze.

3. Taking a separate bowl, sift the baking powder and flour.

4. Boil 2 eggs, and separate the yolk from the white.

5. Cool the margarine/butter mixture and slowly add the yolkless boiled eggs

6. Add the baking powder and flour.

7. Sprinkle the mixture with breadcrumbs to prevent the cake base from sticking to the plate.

8. Place the cake mixture in the baking oven for 15 minutes before taking it out and cooling it.

9. Soak the cooled mixture with well-prepared vodka and let it dry off for 10 minutes

10. You will have a firm and spongy cake base infused with vodka.

  • Adding flavor to the Vodka cake

Now that the vodka cake is prepared, it is time to add flavor to the cake. There are many delicious varieties, each with its own distinct flavor and design. Here are some of the most splendid variants of Vodka cake –

1. Lemon- The tangy and relishing citric flavor of lemon tickles the taste buds and makes for a perfect complement to the punchy taste of the Vodka flavored cake. Spread a cup of lemon essence to the Vodka cake you had prepared and taste the magic of lemon and Vodka in the cake.

2. Chocolate- The essence of chocolate is as delicious, as it is mouth-melting. Adding a cup of chocolate essence to the spongy taste of the Vodka cake always adds to the already delicious taste of the cake.

3. Vanilla- The sweet-tasting vanilla essence enraptures all. Adding it to the fine hand-made vodka cake that you prepared makes the taste absolutely delightful.

4. Coffee- The aromatic fragrance of coffee cream essence is always delicious. Get the delectable flavor of coffee in a Vodka cake by adding a pinch of it to the mix.

  • Garnishing and presenting the Vodka cake

With the Vodka cake baked and flavored, all that remains is presenting it and treating the eyes with the splendid sight of this cake. Here are some special ways by which the cake can be garnished and presented –

1. Cherry bits- With succulent and relishing cherry bits dotted on top, who can be less than thrilled by the sight of the cake?

2. Nuts and Dry fruits- From pistachios, to almonds, to raisins, the relishing taste of an assortment of dry fruits embedded in this cake is sure to be a delight.

3. Icing- With a message printed or a name on the cake iced with vanilla cream, or strawberry syrup, a Vodka cake with a delectable icing on top is always splendid.

4. Fruits- Juicy and fulfilling, a fruit, encompassing mango, banana, pineapple etc. and this flavored cake make one of the most perfect combinations.

With the off-chance that the Vodka cake is not baked properly You can order it online through the online cake delivery service and receive it at your place

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