How to be Someone’s Personal Santa!?!

Christmas means family time with lots of punch, hot chocolate and gifts. It is that time of the year which brings with itself an air of hope filled with merry carols.

There is something about Christmas that makes everyone forget about the worries. Even the Green Grinch becomes a selfless person. If you are also planning to be someone’s personal Santa, here are some gifts that you can gift to them:

1. Dry Cakes


Christmas is nothing without dry cakes and muffins. That spiced rum and raisin cake along with dry chocolate cake and a tray full of sweetly fragrant muffins are the perfect flag bearers of Christmas. Send these sweet delights to your friends and family to make their Christmas Dinner Table shine brighter.

2. Candles


To light candles on Christmas is a tradition since Jesus is called ‘the light of the world’. Whether your friends are celebrating Christmas or Hannukah, Candles would make their festivities brighter.

3. Chocolates


No occasion is complete without chocolates. For a festival as modest as Christmas, a box of homemade chocolates will be a perfect gift. Greet your friends like a Santa with a big box of their favourite chocolates.

4. Flowers


Make someone’s Christmas exotic by gifting them flowers. Whether it is a bunch of Roses, Carnations, Orchids, Gerberas or an exquisite bouquet of flowers like the Bird of Paradise; flowers will only make this holiday season more beautiful for them.

Being someone’s Santa and making a festival delightful for them gives a very satisfying feeling. This is the beauty of Christmas; you feel content by making others happy. This selfless act is the true spirit of Christmas.

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