How to Make Cool Masks at Home?

Masks, which are one of the most accessible essentials in India, have become a luxury item all over the world now. The entire world is aware of the widespread use of COVID-19 or Coronavirus now globally. Also, the research for the vaccines is still in progress, and a proper solution is not found yet. On the other side, as the number of cases is increasing, the cost of getting medical treatment is growing tremendously. So, this massively increases the responsibility of the people to follow all the measures to be preventive from the harmful virus.

Along with avoiding crowded places, washing hands, strengthening the immune system, wearing a mask all the time is more important. When you are a front line employee like the medical professionals, police, and hygiene workers who have more chances to get affected by the virus, it is important to wear a high-quality N-95 mask. All the other people are suggested to wear a simple mask. However, as the demand increases, the cost of the masks is roof striking. So, why don’t you prepare a mask for yourself in your home? Continue reading to know how to prepare a mask easily at home.

Family wearing mask for protection

What do you need?

When you need to prepare the mask, it is quite easy and almost all the necessary things will be at your home with little switching knowledge.

  • Bandana, piece of T-shirt or any cotton cloth that will be approximately 20×10 inches
  • Rubber bands, elastic or hair ties
  • Scissors
  • Thread


Take the cloth and cut it in the rectangular shape. Fold a little in the middle of the cloth to have three to four folding. This will help in stretching the mask from the top of the nose to the bottom of the jaw part. Now fold either side of the cloth and switch it. Fold at the top and bottom edges and switch it. Now, the cloth is ready. Use elastic or cut hairband in between and switch them to hand them at the back of the ears. When you feel that your ears might get marks as you need to wear it for a long time, you can follow the second option. Take a lengthy cloth and cut it in a rectangle shape of 10”x2” approximately. Now fold the cloth like the flat thread and switch them on either side of the mask. So, your mask will have a long thread-like thing and you can tie it at the back of your head.

Thus, you have made a simple mask that will be protective. It is just enough to have a simple cloth and avoid too thick ones as it might be harder for you to breathe with it. Further, when you wish to be creative with the mask, you can make some designer works in it and choose the designer clothes accordingly. It is good to make the switching with the tailoring machine. If not, you can just switch with your hands.

Care for the Mask

When it is possible to make more masks, it is fine and you can just dispose of them and use the new one for the next day. If not, you can use the same mask by washing it. It is good to soak in the hot water and use the regular washing powder to wash the mask. Let them dry in the sun and this will remove even if there are any viruses found on the cloth. When you need to dispose of it, just burn it and do not expose it like how you expose some other garbage things from your home.

Fighting Against the Virus

Whenever such a disaster is affecting the planet, awareness is the first and foremost thing necessary to fight against the disease. When you look for the option, there are lots of ways you can be self-protected against the pandemic situation. So, follow these steps for creating the mask and follow all the other measures for staying safe in this situation.

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