How to make Raksha Bandhan Special for your Sister Living Abroad

Although you would like to, it is not always possible for you and your sister to be together on Raksha bandhan. Perhaps she is abroad and she cannot be there to tie rakhi on your wrist. Though, she would send the rakhi to USA, UK or any other part of the world to you, if you were living abroad. Similarly, you can make the day of Raksh bandhan special for your sister living abroad by sending her sweet gifts.

Sister Brother Love

What gifts would be right for her? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Sister Brother Love

The bond between a brother and sister is the most sacred one. Your sister is your best friend; she is the keeper of your secrets. So, obviously, she deserves a gift which would immediately bring a smile on her face. And this combination of personalized mug and cushion will do that for you. Personalize it with a photo of you and her together where you are the happiest, and she will cherish this gift forever.

2. Pearly White Set

If your sister is fond of jewelry, then perhaps the right gift for her would be a set of statement necklace and earrings. This marvelous piece of a matching set will steal her heart away with just one glance. This makes for a perfect gift for Raksha Bandhan that will bring back the gleam on her face. Whenever she will meet you next, she will hug you tightly for this gift.

3. Floral Clutch

If you are planning to give your sister a fashion accessory, then another gift you might want to consider is this floral clutch. Other than being an accessory that will complement your sister’s beauty, she will also be able to use it to carry her bare essentials. This will go beautifully with any dress that she wears.

Buying a rakhi special gift for your sister is not going to be easy. You will have to search for a long time to buy the perfect gift. Hopefully, this blog helped you choose the right gift for your sister.

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