How To Make Your Valentine’s Day Different?

Roses have been sent, the proposal made, hugs have been exchanged and you have planted that adorable kiss on her cheek. So what now? Now it’s the big day – Valentine’s Day for which you have prepared all this background. You put so much effort to make every day of the week special for her and now you are out of ideas about to surprise her and make her feel special on this very day. Don’t worry; we have something figured out for you.

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Since you have already gifted her chocolates and teddy bears, now it’s time to go a bit old school for the celebrations. Here is how to go about your day:

A handwritten letter: you must have told her ‘I love you’ and other things over Whatsapp or Viber a hundred times, but a handwritten letter in which you express how great she is will be the most special and personal thing. She would love it.

A retro themed restaurant: since we are celebrating romance the old schools way pick up a retro themed restaurant for your dinner date. There might not be plenty of them in the neighborhood but you surely will find one, just search forit.

Pick her up for the date: instead of letting her come to the decided venue, it’s time to show some chivalry and pick her up for the date and go together to the restaurant. Also you need to follow some no-distraction rules just set aside your smartphone and give a break to Facebook or Whatsapp

Outdoor picnic: Another great way to make this date something different for her is by setting an outdoor picnic instead of a fancy restaurant. It will give you alone time as well as personal space for your talks.

MyFlowertree:    Wishing you Happy Valentine’s Day

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