How to Plan a Surprise Father’s Day Party within a Week

Been busy throughout this month? Are you missing something? Well, Father’s Day is just around the corner! And for sure your unconditional love is going to perplex you, as you would want to make the day special for your dad with a grand celebration. Wouldn’t it?! But do not worry, it is never too late. You still have a week to plan your celebrations. And your efforts are surely going to win the heart of your sweetest dad.

Father's Day Gifts

The question now arises is how to start, and then how to go about the planning for the celebration? Here is a list of some amazing tips and tricks which are surely going to help in planning a grand celebration this Father’s Day:

1. Decide the Venue and make the Required Arrangements

Most people like to keep it a personal celebration with fewer guests, preferably only family members. You too can choose a place in your own house only; it could be your rooftop or your garden area. Make the necessary arrangements for dance, music and make the required decoration on time. You can even decorate the location based on a theme to make it even more special for your dad.

2. Order a Cake

Cakes are the center of attraction of most of the celebrations and in order to make it grand, ordering a huge cake is a must. And when it comes to a cake for dad, nothing works better than a personalized photo cake with an amazing photo of your daddy dearest. You can choose a flavor which is your dad’s favorite. Or else, you can go for a tiered cake and get a photo printed on the top layer.

3. Order some Gifts

Grab a perfume, belt, and wallet for your dad, as these could be the best gifts to present to your dad this Father’s Day. You can choose his favorite brand of fragrance when it comes to perfume and goes with his choice of colors and style for belt and wallet. You can also order these accessories with same day gift delivery for father’s day; in case you have missed ordering them on-time.

4. Arrange for the Food

Instead of ordering the food from a restaurant, you can cook it for him. Preparing a list of his favorite dishes and cuisines won’t take much time, so you can take up this task after you are done with other tasks. Even if the food cooked by you does not taste as good as a restaurant’s, it would be the best for your dad because for a parent, nothing can be more special than his kids cooking for him.

5. Prepare a Speech or a Poem for Him

To end the celebration in the most heart-touching manner, you can write a speech or poem for him, or get something from the internet which aptly conveys your feelings for your dad. If not a poem, a speech will do, the only idea is to speak your heart out to your dad.

Also, remember making the day special by sending some heartfelt texts to your dad throughout the day, this will surely win his heart and make him feel proud of you.

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