How to use Flowers as various Greetings

When you are wishing someone or sending greetings, words often fell short. This is because words often fail to recreate the essence of the emotions that we feel for someone. For such occasions that demand to remain unadulterated, convey what you feel with different flowers that stand for different greetings.

1. Get Well Soon


It is really hard to deal with a sickness. You can’t go out or resume your normal life. All you have are some medicines and the same walls that you stare for days. Introduce a breath of freshness in their room with some flowers. And there is no flower better than the Sunflower to cheer up a person. So, say ‘Get Well Soon’ with bunches of smiling Sunflowers.

2. Congratulations



Whether it is congratulating someone on their new job, house or office; even on welcoming a baby, a bunch of perfect Roses will seal the deal. Apart from romance, Roses stand for the gesture of congratulation.

3. Happy Anniversary


Whether it is a birth anniversary, a wedding anniversary or the anniversary of the day that you met for the first time, wish someone on completing a year with some fresh Carnations. As Carnations come in different colours you can choose one that is suitable for the event. Say ‘Happy Anniversary’ with Carnations.

4. See you soon



To bid adieu to someone is hard because of the certainty of never seeing them again in the future. But, don’t lose hope and gift your parting friend a bunch of Nutmeg Geranium flowers because there is no other flower that say ‘see you soon’ better than these. These are hopeful and optimistic. Your friends will get the hint.

5. Thank you



Thanking someone for something that they did for you or as a sweet gesture for the lovely wishes that they sent is a great feeling. You can do this without using any word by sending them a bunch Orchids. These flowers are synonymous with ‘Thank you’ and ‘Gratitude’.

6. Goodbye


Saying goodbye is one of the toughest words to say. Most often we don’t have the courage to do so and end up simply fumbling something. We know that separations are always overwhelming. So, gift the one who is parting a bunch of some Gerberas to show that you are sad that they are leaving but you will always cherish their memories.

7. For the Strange Feeling


Before you know that it’s love, you get a really strange feeling that is hard to express. You want the other person to know that you feel the pull but you are not quite sure yourself what this feeling is. Well, for such confusing moments, go to them with some Lilies as they say, “You make me feel strange.”

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