Important Health Benefits of Having Indoor Plants in Your Workspace

A green plant is one of nature’s finest wonders. From exuding an aura of freshness and natural elegance, to sprinkling the very essence of purity throughout its surroundings, a green household plant is one of the most perfect ways to propagate the virtues of soothing calmness and harmony to all in its vicinity. What better respite is there in the hectic and stress-filled work environment of an office space than the presence of an indoor green plant? Whether you have it placed on the front desk or you place it on your personal work table, you can be sure that nothing purifies and detoxifies the surroundings more than a green plant. From an Oxycardium green plant, to a pink Japanese Sakura Bonsai plant, the varieties of green plants are vast, as is the joy of their presence in a workplace. Indoor Plants

The Health Benefits of a Green Indoor Plant in an Office Space

Throughout day and night, a green plant tirelessly, purifying the air. Just as the heart detoxifies our bodies, a green plant detoxifies the air, pumping out the toxins and impurities, while spreading freshness and purity. Here are some amazing health benefits of green indoor plants that you may not have known –

1. Reducing Carbon Dioxide Levels

Through the process of photosynthesis, a green plant nourishes itself by absorbing sunlight and carbon-dioxide from the air. This causes a drop in the carbon dioxide levels of the air and an increase in Oxygen, thus promoting freshness. No matter where in the office it is kept, a green plant will constantly pump out a steady stream of pure oxygen, and subsequently reducing carbon dioxide levels.

2. Reducing Levels of Certain Pollutants, Such as Benzene and Nitrogen Dioxide

Absorbing various air pollutants that may have a debilitating effect on the human body without poisoning themselves, and letting out fresh, clean air are two of their primary functions. From the leaves of a green plant absorbing Benzene, to the green stem cleansing the Nitrogen Oxide, these natural air purifiers are perfect for any office environment.

3. Keeping Air Temperatures Down

Releasing moisture and water vapor into the air through their respiration process, a green plant freshens and cools their surrounding space, lowering the temperature, and spreading coolness. This makes them one of the most perfect natural air coolers.

4. Increases the Flow of Oxygenated Blood

By exuding pure oxygen into the air, a green plant is responsible for an increase in the supply of oxygen, to the body. This enhances the blood flow and aids in augmenting body metabolism, thus increasing any office work productivity. One of the must haves for any office place.

5. Uplifting Mood

Research shows that increase in oxygen levels has positive impact on the mood and disposition. What better way to improve the workflow than by green plants to provide a steady stream of pure oxygen to the surrounding office space.

6. Enhancing Concentration and Memory

The increase in the flow of oxygenated blood into the brain promotes a rise in memory and concentration levels. What better way to prove the work productivity of all in an office space.

7. Lowering Risk of Diseases

As natural air pollutant absorbents and detoxifiers green plants distill all the negative impurities that harm the system. This drastically reduces the risk of getting diseased, or ill.

8. Reduces Stress

With a reduction in air toxins and an improvement in clean, fresh, oxygen, a green plant always livens the mood. This reduces the stress levels on the hectic professional life, and de-stresses all with comfort and soothingness, making them one of the definite must-haves for an office space. Whether you are getting indoor plants online for the corner wall of your office or you are sending them as gifts through the online gift delivery service, a green indoor houseplant is guaranteed to be the perfect delight. Nothing can amount to the joy of a green plant. After all “ if a plant dies, plant another on in its place.”