Impress your Girlfriend with These Velvety Cakes

Be it your girlfriend’s birthday, Valentine’s Day or your first love anniversary cakes are those sumptuous gifts which are sure to touch her heart. The delicious flavor, the lip-smacking creamy frosting, and the unsurpassed designer decorations will leave her spellbound. So, all you need is just ‘one’ unique cake to express your undying love to your girlfriend. However, the cake which you choose should be as special as your girlfriend. Well, here is a list of some of the amazing cakes which promise to convey your feelings to your beloved:

1. Alphabet Cake:

Alphabet Cake Choosing an alphabet cake with her initials will make her feel on the top of the world. This gesture is sure to touch her heart. You can even order two alphabet cakes with the initials of both of you.

2. Cakes in Jar:

Cakes in Jar Yummy cakes in cute jars will make her day more special. These cakes come in transparent jars with cute bows attached to them. As soon as the lid of the jar is opened, the fragrance of fresh cakes spreads the joy and love.

3. I Love You Cupcakes:

I Love You Cupcakes The sweet little delicious cupcakes say the cutest ‘I love you’ on your behalf. A set of 4 or 6 cupcakes can be picked up with the frostings on them saying the words I LOVE YOU. Along with these, you can get some cupcakes with cute love birds on it and arrange them to complete some cute shape.

4. Tiered Designer Cakes:

Tiered Designer Cakes The cake with chocolate flowing from top to bottom if that is what you want to gift to your sweetheart, then designer cakes are the best as they are designed to give the similar illusion. And, the tiered cakes are the most beautiful ones because of the creative decoration they have on them.

5. KitKat Chocolate Cakes:

KitKat Chocolate Cakes Is she a KitKat lover? Well, then this is the cake you need to gift her. Lined by KitKat bars and filled with yummy chocolate. This cake looks like a fantasy to those who are crazy lovers of chocolate. While choosing the cake, try finding the one which looks specially baked and designed for the occasion, and conveys the same message which is there in your heart. Also, there are various flavours in every design, so choose the one which is her favourite. Gifting some cards with heart touching lines on it along with the cake can help you win her heart and express your everlasting love for her.