Know What the different Colours of Flowers stand for

When it comes to expressing an emotion, we tend to be biased towards Flowers. These beauties of nature help us to convey our feelings without uttering a word. Every Flower is unique and every colour stands for a different meaning.

Take an insight for what these magical colours stand for and send the right Flower to the right person.

1. Red


Red is a very special and beautiful colour. Its deep pigments represent passion and love. No wonder it is the first choice of everyone when it comes to expressing love. In many countries, including China and India, Red is considered to be an auspicious one and is often donned by the brides.

If you are planning to express your romantic love, Red coloured Flowers should be in your hands.

2. Yellow


Yellow is a cheerful colour and one thing that is often associated with it is friendship. A happy and soothing colour like yellow is often seen getting exchanged on days like Friendship’s day. Yellow coloured Flowers are as beautiful and pure as friendship.

So, strengthen your bond with your buddies by gifting them yellow coloured Flowers.

3. Orange


Orange colour is often associated with energy just as citrus fruits like oranges. When it comes to wishing someone before a competition or sending a sick friend some strength, Orange flowers come handy. Orange represents strength and spirit.

Send it to a healing loved one or to the one preparing for a competition or exam.

4. Blue


When queen Victoria started using Blue Orchids, the entire royalty followed her footsteps. Soon they became the symbol of sovereignty. Since then, the colour Blue, especially the Blue Orchids, became an epitome of everything grand.

If you want to show how important a person is for you, you should send Blue flowers to them.

5. Pink


Pink is a soft and innocent colour and these are the kind of emotions that it stands for. When you are at the first step of your relationship, Pink Flowers will help you. They subtly hint that you want to be more than just friends.

This magical colour will help you to come out of the much-dreaded friend zone.

6. Purple



Purple is a deep colour which is often used in the occult. In the world of Flowers, it stands for gratitude. It is a perfect colour when you want someone to know how grateful you are to have them in your life.

It would be a great idea to send Purple Flowers to your coaches, teachers and parents to show them how much they are admired by you.

7. White



There is no price in second guessing that White is the colour of peace. No matter which specie of flower you pick, White will make it look peaceful.

So, make peace with this light colour

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