Light Up Your Independence Day with a Themed Cake

August 15th, 2017 marks the 71st Independence Day of India. With firecrackers lighting up the sky, patriotic tunes chiming all around, and sweets being exchanged alongside the sight of the glorious tri-colored orange, white, and green flag waving in the air, one can’t resist but drown in the patriotism-filled atmosphere of this day. And if you have a themed cake to mark the occasion, then it gets even better. Indian Flag

Independence Day Theme Cakes

Nothing speaks the words “Independence Day” with more clarity than the finest, and the most elegant desserts cakes. From a combination of butterscotch, vanilla, and mint green rose cakes, to an image of the glorious flag of India photo-printed on its exterior, the possibilities for baking and designing the finest Independence Day themed cakes are endless. Whether you are feasting with your loved ones, or having a slice on the go, a creamy cake made in the image of the Indian Independence Day is an unusual and interesting way of going about it. Here are some special Independence Day themed cakes that you should definitely try out this year: -
  • Cake in the Shape of the Indian Flag 

May be it is the delightful combination of butterscotch, vanilla, mint green rose, and blueberry blended together perfectly to form the tricolored Indian flag that we all love and revere; or perhaps it is a fusion of a single white vanilla cake, painted with natural food grade coloring, of orange, blue, and green.  Whatever the combination may be, nothing can equal to the joy and pride of filling your mouth with a slice of a tricolored Independence Day cake. Celebrate this grand day with your loved ones as you savor the exquisite taste of this special cake.
  • National Heroes

Whether it is a photo of freedom fighter Bhagat Singh printed on the cake, or a cake made in the shape of the heroic Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, nothing fills the soul with patriotism like the images of these brave souls on a cake. Whether it is a vanilla sponge cake, or a cake infused with the essence of the most succulent mangoes, the taste of a custom-made Independence Day themed cake is always a joy to savor.
  • Sayings 

Words and quotes spoken by the great national legends are forever timeless. They are something to be remembered and cherished at all times.  Bursting with meanings and sentiments of the good times, bad times, struggles and sacrifices is something that will always be treasured in the memories of the Indian masses. An inspirational and motivational quote written on a cake is a great way of igniting the spirit of Independence Day. Whether it is iced with vanilla, or made with delicious buttercream on a delightful cake, the significance of these words hold the same weight, for they are spoken from the heart.
  • Celebrating the 71st Independence Day

A cake marking the glorious 71st Independence Day of India is going to be topical and special at the same time. From an Independence Day themed Green, white, and orange chocolate cake with the numbers 71, made from crunchy chocolate truffles at the top, to a raspberry cheese cake photo-printed with 71- the number of years India has celebrated Independence Day, is always a delight to visualize and savor.
  • Map of India on a Cake 

A cake with the entire map of the glorious country of India can fill any heart with immense pride. Laden with all 29 states, and multitudes of unique cultures spread throughout, India is the literal manifestation of the phrase “Unity in Diversity”. A cake colored in orange, white, and green, bearing the map of India, with a blue Sudarshan Chakra at the center, is something that will hold its own special place.
  • Historical Indian Monuments 

There are many gorgeous national monuments in India. From the Taj Mahal in Agra to the Gateway of India in Mumbai, these monuments are true architectural masterpieces. Now imagine a cake made in the shape of these wondrous monuments?! It could be a delightful sun-kissed butterscotch cake baked in the shape of the Jantar Mantar, or a pristine white vanilla cake shaped like the Taj Mahal. No matter what national monument it is in the shape of, it will be no less of a delight.
  • Independence Day Fruitcake 

With infusion of the most relishing and succulent fruits in a cake, who can resist savoring a slice of a delicious cake?! Whether it is a combination of green grapes, sliced pears, and mandarin oranges infused in a cake, with blueberry essence at the center in the shape of the Sudarshan Chakra in the flag, or one that has fruits colored with natural fruit colorings, it is always something that illuminates one’s soul with the soothing light of patriotism. The spirit of patriotism in the hearts of the people is the catalyst that drives this country forward. As Daniel Webster once said, “May the sun in its course visit no land more free, more happy, more lovely, than this our own country!”