List of do's and Dont's for Karwa Chauth Vrat

Karva Chauth is an Indian festival followed by all married women. Karva Chauth Vrat has some customs, traditions a woman needs to follow for her wishes to be granted and also to enjoy the Vrat to its fullest. On this special day, married women observe fast for the entire day without even drinking water until the moon appears in the evening. In return, husbands shower their love on their wives by gifting adorable karwa chauth gift. Knowing about the do’s and don'ts of this auspicious festival can help you in celebrating the day in a better way and avoiding any mistakes. Looking for the best tips to keep the fast in a healthy way which doesn’t stress you out? No worry. Here is the list of do’s and dont’s that you have to keep in mind on Karwa Chauth.

Things To Do For Karva Chauth Vrat

Here are some do’s for karwa chauth that you should keep in mind.
  1. Be Prepared

Karwa ChauthVrat is not like any other Vrat, it is a nirjala Vrat that requires married women to observe fast throughout the day. Women who observe the fast are not allowed to eat or drink anything including water. Be Prepared
  1. Distract Yourself

Women who observe a fast on the karwa Chauth are generally advised to not indulge in strenuous activities. You have to distract yourself or keep yourself busy with some activities in the daytime so you don’t remember the need to munch in between. You can listen to music, or even watch your favorite series or any TV shows. Distract Yourself
  1. Apply Mehndi

All women observing the fast apply mehndi on their hands. The mehndi should be applied at least a day before karva Chauth, because it needs some time for the color to darken on your hands. So, apply henna before two days and have pleasant thoughts throughout the day. Apply Mehndi
  1. Wear Mangal Sutra

Mangal sutra is a pious necklace which has significant importance in Hindu culture and tradition. The necklace worn by married women given by their husbands on their wedding day that signifies their marital bliss and healthy married life. Wearing Mangal sutra on this special day is an important thing that strengthens the bond shared by you and your husband. Wear Mangal sutra
  1. Drink Water From The Husband’s Hand

The karwa Chauth fast can be broken only when husbands make their better-half drink water. If your husband is at some other place on Karwa Chauth, you should recall them and then drink water. Drink Water From The Husband’s Hand

Things To Avoid During Karwa Chauth Vrat

These are some dont’s for karwa chauth to remember during fasting
  1. Don’t Miss Sargi

Sargi is a before the sunrise meal which is prepared by your mother-in-law for you. The karwa chauth sargi is a balanced and energy-rich diet that includes sweets like milk-pheni, full of potassium, dry fruits, and more. So, don’t miss to have the sargi before sunrise. To avoid headaches, dizziness, it is very important to eat. Don’t Miss Sargi
  1. Don’t Insult Others

During karva chauth Vrat, you do not hurt others especially elders. You should speak politely and with love to your mother and mother-in-law. Karwa Chauth festival is also about elevating your good qualities, so you just try to stay calm and patient.On this day, you have to strengthen your bond which marks the celebration of togetherness. Don't Insult Others
  1. Don’t Use Pointed Objects

The use of scissors or needles on the day of the festival is inauspicious. A woman observing karwa chauth vrat should not use a knife, scissors, and needles in the food preparations. Don’t Use Pointed Objects
  1. Don’t Donate White Colors

You should not give anything in the color of whites on the day of Vrat. The thing that resembles the moon should not be given. So, you have to avoid giving rice, milk, curd, or white-colored things to anyone. Don’t donate white colors
  1. Avoid White Or Black Color Dress

The black color is considered an inauspicious color during any pooja in Hindu customs. This is why wearing black clothes is not considered to be a good thing. White color is worn by women whose husbands are dead and therefore wearing a white color dress on karwa Chauth Vrat is not a good thing. Avoid White Or Black Color Dress
  1. Don’t Disturb a Sleeping Person

If you see a person sleeping on the Karwa Chauth day, make sure you do not disturb their sleep. Disturbing someone’s sleep might give you bad wishes from them and will show your rude and impatient attitude. Don’t Disturb a Sleeping Person karva chauth vrat,

Final Thoughts

The best way to enjoy Karva Chauth Vrat is to indulge in all its fun customs along with traditions. The gifts hold a deep meaning. There are lots of karwa chauth gift for wife and husband so that you can pamper your better-half on such a divine occasion. Don’t exert your body and celebrate your festival with joy. Wish you and your spouse a Very Happy Karwa Chauth 2020!