Mahavir Jayanti- 2016

“It is better to win over self than to win over a million enemies.”- Lord Mahavira

Marking the birth of Mahavir Janma Kalyana, a religious festival is annually organised by the jain community in India. Named as Mahavir Jayanti, it falls within the month of March or April as the foremost accepted date of his birth backs to 599BC. With exceptional beauty, great physical and spiritual strength Lord Mahavira was born to a royal family, as the son of king Siddhartha of Kundgraam and queen Trishala on the 13th day of the rising moon of Chaitra. It is said to believe that Trishala have had sixteen auspicious dreams including of white elephant and lion during her pregnancy.

111Widespread are the enlightening teachings of Mahavira and hence it is regarded as a gazette holiday in the country. Being the 24th and last Tirthankara of the time cycle, Lord Mahavira is regarded as the guru of the jain culture. Celebrated all across the world by the devotees, especially Rajasthan and Gujarat in India, the sculpture of Lord Mahavira is carried in procession and offered a ‘abhishek’(ceremonial bath). Many people also engage in charitable acts trying to spread the teachings of Lord Mahavira to their children and younger generation.

Celebrated as the founder of Jainism, Lord Mahavira laid down the principles of Jainism including Satya(truth), Ahinsa(non-violence) and Bramhacharya(non-indulgence in sexual relationships). The many preachings of Mahavira and the path of seeking greater truth and enlightenment thus led to the base of the principles. He prohibited any kind of killing and believed that a man must indulge in fasting for a virtuous life.

Embarking the 12 years of rigorous meditation under the Ashoka tree, his pious prayers invoked the gods in heaven too. He attained ultimate enlightenment as almighty being the witness of events and thus, on the occasion of the birth anniversary, people resolve to follow his teachings. People also try to meditate and offer prayers to the Lord at various temples. Spectated all over the world among the Jain communities, it is observed with great solemnity.

MyFlowertree:    Wishing you Happy Mahavir Jayanti

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