Memoirs from the archives of my journey of friendship- Happy Friendship Day

My earliest memories of friendship go back to the first day of my school when I was just 3 yrs old and the girl sitting beside me on my bench offering me her lunch and shaking hands as of sealing the deal of a special friendship. From that day onwards sitting on the last bench of the classroom and eating the lunch together without waiting for the recess bell to ring became a tradition. Friends are always special to us and you can understand it best only if you have good friends. This special bond is hard to describe in words but when felt it knows no formality but only being there for each other through ups and downs.


And as we grew up so did the craziness. Backing each other we were always working on our next mischief. There are so many crazy things that me and my friends did growing up together for instance giving funny names to each student and not to spare the teachers as well, lying for each other, getting punished together even when only one of us did not complete the homework, watching favourite shows in the name of late night studies, the never-ending finds and arguments but the always prevailing unconditional love for each other.Our friendship with our best friends is always a promise with sorority, brotherhood/sisterhood for a lifetime.

Even today I feel the nostalgia thinking about all the things done and the fun I had with my friends back in school and later on in college. Though today we live hundreds of mile away from each other in different cities and don’t talk everyday, still the promises hold strong and the love for each other hasn’t faded away. Whenever our gang is back together it still becomes an outrageously fun and crazy day which is why I always look forward for the celebration of friendship day. You don’t need fancy gifts to woo your friends, the true ones will make you buy what they want (yes my friends always do that). So all you people this is a day not to miss but cherish, celebrate and have fun. HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!!

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