Myth-busting the Commonly Associated Problems with Cake Baking

Cakes have always held special place in the people’s hearts. Whether it is a birthday party, or a marriage anniversary celebration, this mouthwatering, creamilicious, sugary dessert is one of the main highlights of any special day or event.

No dessert has captured the imagination more vividly than cake. Throughout history, this special treat has loved and cherished by people of all ages. From a joyous special celebration, to something plain and ordinary, a cake has always been special.

After all, who can resist savoring a slice of a cake filled with the richest Belgium chocolate in a chocolate cake, or relishing the tantalizing taste of spongy cake infused with the essence of the finest mangoes?Chocolate Cake

Baking a cake

From a delightful butterscotch cake, to a beautiful vanilla cake, to even sugar free cakes, the flavors and varieties are only limited by the boundaries of your imagination.

Whether it is a hobby, or it is a profession, baking a cake in the oven and seeing it rise up is one of the most delight experiences to cherish.

Here are some commonly associated myths about baking cakes –

  • Alcohol Evaporates in the Oven 

Alcohol is a popular ingredient in many holiday cakes. It has a boiling point of 78.37 °C, and thus it evaporates quickly.  It is a popular belief that when an alcohol infused cake is being baked in an oven, it is evaporated completely.

This is untrue, as while a major part of the alcohol is evaporated, small residual traces of it still remains in the cake.

Do not worry about getting tipsy thought, as this amount of alcohol is so small that it barely gets noticed by the human taste buds. So if you are looking to bake a wonderful Christmas cake, or a New Year’s cake, do not worry about the alcohol in them and just enjoy the cake.

  • Opening the Baking Oven Door Before the Cake has been Baked Deflates the Cake

You may have read about this in a book, or maybe your mother may have warned you about this, but be assured that opening the oven door in the middle of the cake baking process does not spoil the cake in any way.

While opening the oven door when the cake is being baked, is never advisable, the heat and temperature built up makes certain that the cake does not deflate.

So if you need to open the oven door and check up on the cake, do not worry about it being spoiled.

  • Margarine is a Healthier Substitute for Butter in Cakes

Popular notion might have it that margarine in cake is much healthier than butter due it have less calories.

While not entirely untrue, the measured calorie count in both margarine and butter is almost the same, and thus it would not make much of a difference either way.

However, one can be assured that nothing can replace butter when it comes to getting that optimum taste and texture in cakes.

  • Red Velvet Cake Needs Red Food Grade Color

The “red” in red velvet cakes come from the vinegar, buttermilk, and cocoa in it. When blended together perfectly these ingredients form the red color in these cakes that we all know and love.

Adding red food grade color not ruins the authenticity, but comes with multiple possible health hazards, and is not definitely not recommended to add.

So, when it comes to baking Red Velvet cakes, be sure to opt for the natural approach

  • Wrapping a Line of Baking Paper Around The Tin Exterior of a Cake Plate

While popular belief says that wrapping the cake plate with a thin sheet of baking paper is essential. One can easily do without it.

Sure, it looks pretty, but do not fret if you are out of baking paper foils. Be assured that there are no adverse effects associated with tin and cakes.

But if laying a thin layer of baking paper on the cake plate is something that you must do, you can always make do by greasing the plate with a combination of butter, cooking oil, and flour.

As Author Emma Donoghue once said ““If I was made of cake I’d eat myself before somebody else could.” Such is the savory taste of a slice of cake.

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