Out-Of-The-Box Christmas Gift Ideas for your Toddler

The Christmas season is upon us. While the festivities are just around the corner, the time can be frustrating for a few people, especially for parents who have to ensure that their toddler is happy with the Christmas gift they get for them. The frustrating part is getting the perfect gift for a toddler, one that will make him/her happy and is unique; something that other kids can’t boast of having. If you are one of those parents who is confused as to what to get as a gift for Christmas for their toddler.

Gift for Christmas

Here some out-of-the-box Christmas ideas, from Christmas cakes to do-it-yourself gifts.

  • Christmas Cakes

When you are confused about what to get as a gift for Christmas, the best thing to do is to go with a traditional and old school gift idea. You can buy them a Christmas cake from an online portal. Buying a Christmas cake from an online portal will allow you to make the purchase from the comfort of your home, helping you avoid the large Christmas crowds. Christmas cakes can also be your backup plan if you forget to get a gift for Christmas, as you can order it anytime and have it delivered to your home; just make sure that you get your toddler’s favourite flavour.

  • Soft Toys

Kids love soft toys and we are sure that they will love to get a large, soft, cushy toy as a gift for Christmas. Just like with cakes, plenty of websites sell soft toys online, which can again help you avoid the huge crowds that are out shopping for Christmas. The choices of soft toys are not just limited to old teddy bears but now range from popular characters from the latest animated movies to animals as well. Not only will your toddler love the soft toy, there is a less likely chance of an accident as your child plays with a soft toy, as they lack small parts that pose choking hazards. In fact, you can get a combo of a soft toy and cake as a gift for Christmas for your toddler.

  • Write them a Comic

This one requires you to be a bit imaginative as well as artistic and will work best if your kid loves comics or action-heroes. Many kids consider their parents to be some sort of superheroes and you can create a comic that portrays your adventures with your toddler as the trusty sidekick. You can assign cool superpowers to your hero and the sidekick as well, and design an awesome costume for them – don’t forget the cape. And, there is no point of being a superhero without an arch nemesis to fight. Create one with superpowers, draw them out and with a simple story, you have in your hands, a wonderful gift for Christmas.

  • A Modelling Compound

Modelling compounds like “play-doh” and others can make for a great gift for Christmas. Modelling compounds will help you engage your toddler for a long time. In fact, there is nothing better than giving your kid a toy that provides them a hands-on creative experience. Toddlers can mould and sculpt until their imagination is exhausted. The toy will also help develop the mental faculties of the kid as well as help improve hand eye coordination.

  • Art Kit

An art kit is another great gift for Christmas that like the modelling compound will help develop the artistic abilities of your child. There are various art kits available in the market. Buy one as per the kid’s age. You can also get them a colouring book if your kid has difficulty in drawing stuff, as colouring images can also keep them engaged for a long time. And if you think art kits are all about drawing and colouring, than you are wrong again. An art kit can range from a colouring set to DIY sets; you just need to find the perfect one for your toddler.

  • Puzzles

Another great Christmas gift idea is to get your toddler a puzzle. This can be your usual Jigsaw puzzle or any other type of puzzle that you think your child will like. Puzzles can be from leading movies where your toddler will need to recreate a scene or a character from it or they can be educative in nature. Just search around on the net or in shops and you will surely find an exciting puzzle for your child.

When go out to buy a gift for Christmas for your toddler, make sure that you get something that they like. One thing that you could do is to get a Christmas cake regardless of the gift you have purchased, as they are an intrinsic part of Christmas celebrations and kids love them.

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