Promises Are Meant To Be Kept

Going by the gyaan of love gurus, love is a pious feeling, which needs no language and expression. But practically small promises and little display of affection make other person feel content with an assurance, whatever be the circumstances you will stand by them forever.

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With Valentine Day just three days away, Promise Day on February 11 gives a chance to all passionate lovers to commit togetherness to their loved ones not only in happy times but also in challenging times. Take a vow of accepting each other the way they are to advance your relationship to another level. Such adorable gestures take the unbreakable bond of love to new heights setting an example for generations to follow. Make your promise unique by decorating it with refreshing blossoms or some memorable Valentine Gifts.

Here are some solemn promises you can make to bring a smile on his/her face on this special day:

  1. Promise of loyalty: What you give is what you get. If you want your partner to be truthful to you, promise them to never tell a lie even if the truth is bitter. A curable wound is any time better than a scar for life.
  2. Promise to spend time together: No, we are not asking you take up some hard responsibilities as a promise. Keep it sweet and simple. Promise to spend some quality time with your partner as special moments you spend together counts in keeping romance alive in a relationship.
  3. Promise to respect each other’s individuality: Never ever commit the blunder of comparing your relationship with that of your friend. Understand the person you love and respect his or her individuality. What might be their strength may be someone else’s weakness. Love is finding perfection in imperfection.

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