Propose Your Crush with These 3 Out-Of-The-Box Gifts

So you have a crush on someone?! They could be your colleague, someone from your neighbourhood, your college friend, or perhaps a friend of another friend. And now you have decided to come out with your feelings and propose them. Congratulations for finally mustering up the courage! But now you’re confused as to how you should do it and whether you should buy a gift. We can’t help with how you should do it. But if you’re wondering which gift you should buy for your crush to propose them, here are 3 out-of-the-box gift ideas:

1. A Red Rose

Red Roses

One of the gifts you can buy, without going overboard with the expenses while also keeping it simple, is a red rose. It is a flower which symbolizes romantic love and passion. It has been so for several centuries. This is why people buy bouquets of red roses on Valentine’s Day and their wedding anniversary. It would also be a great gift to propose your crush. You can even buy a bouquet of flowers if you feel a single rose will not be sufficient

2. Bouquet of Chocolates

Bouquet of Chocolates

However, if you would like to go for a bouquet rather than a single flower, then perhaps you should consider buying a bouquet of chocolates. The bouquet is made and wrapped same as a bouquet of flowers, but instead of flowers, it has chocolates. It is a sweet surprise that will bring a wide smile on your crush’s face. And if they don’t love you enough to be your partner, this bouquet of chocolates will bridge that gap for you. And this a gift that they can share with you and you both can have your first date together.

3. Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

And if you would rather make the moment celebratory, then a cake would be the best choice as a gift. It’s a surprise that they won’t even see it coming. This will indeed make the moment worth cherishing for both of you. And who would be able to say no to a proposal when the person proposing them has brought this sweet cake, just for them?! This will express your true emotions to them and they would love it.

We know that proposing your crush isn’t an easy task, but we know you can do it. And we hope that any of these aforementioned gifts will make it slightly easier for you. Good luck.

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