Reasons To Celebrate Your Valentine’s Day with Chocolates

Chocolates, famously known as ‘the love drug’ is one of the best ways to covey how you care for your loved ones. No doubt that chocolate and remains one of the widely offered Valentine’s Day Gifts! Apart from being an easy gift option, chocolates offer more than just pleasing your taste buds.

Chocolates are not only known for sweeting your relationships but they do add flavour to your life as well. From being an ultimate comfort food to mood enhancer to romance-inducer to just anything, Chocolates do work wonders for you.  But are they even healthy (for we all want so much more)?


Despite many misconceptions, there are expert opinions and medically proven facts which testify that chocolates are for sure healthy.

Here is all you need to know about the chocolate and health connection:

A balm for your skin: Well ladies if you have been long battling with skin problems, it is time to turn on your sweet tooth. As amazing as it sounds, it is scientifically known that dark chocolates are a certain solution to help sun damage. Dark chocolates are known to not only heal but are very effective in preventing sun damage to your skin.

Chocolates are mood enhancer: A rough day or a fight, know that both Online Flower Delivery and chocolates are an absolute way to uplift your partner’s mood. Chocolates contain phenlylethylamine (PEA) and it is the same chemical compound your brain produces when you feel like falling in love. PEA inspires the brain to release feel-good hormones and this in turn has a calming effect.

Medicine for heart and circulation: A recent study has concluded that dark chocolates aid in restoring the flexibility of the arteries that in turn prevents the WBCs from sticking to the walls of the blood vessels- ensuring seamless blood circulation. The better the circulation, the better is the health of your heart!

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