Selecting Chocolates According to Zodiacs

It is fascinating how Zodiacs dictate our core nature; how a large population can be sorted into twelve groups with people that have similar preferences. Taking inspiration from the astrological studies, we have created a list of chocolates that will suit the personalities of these Zodiacs. Selecting the perfect chocolate will be easier now.


1. Aries The adventure seekers, Aries love to travel and are very courageous and energetic. They take any challenge with a headlock. They are not into simple things but are inclined towards everything that is quick. They would love to eat something with a little crunch like KitKat or something in white chocolate.

2. Taurus Taureans are very sensible, dependable and reliable people. They are independent and patient but have the worst kind of mood swings. They are very stubborn, and to calm them down is a tough job. A slab of good quality dark chocolate with rum and raisins not only suits their compassionate nature but helps them curb their mood swings that often lead to disasters.

3. Gemini Geminis have four personalities in them. They love to care and share. They like to socialize and usually have a large friends group. They would prefer something that could be shared and lead to start a conversation. A multiple-pieced bar like Cadbury Silk will be good for them.

4. Cancer Cancers love the comfort and are often negative to change. They are emotionally vulnerable, thus, they need a constant sense of security. A chocolate that seems tough on the outside, but melts slowly when kept in the mouth will be great for Cancerians.

5. Leo The highly ambitious Leos are proud and romantic. They love being the center of attraction. They thrive to be put on the pedestal. They want everything royal. So, a box of fine handmade or assorted chocolates will definitely catch their attention. Just make sure that those are beautifully decorated.

6. Virgo Virgos are the perfectionist, thanks to their highly analytical mind. They will love you but will never refrain themselves from pointing out your mistakes. Since they want perfection and purity in everything, chocolates with wafers or biscuits will not suit them. They will love to have a chocolate that is pure with a hint of some floral flavour in it.

7. Libra Libra is symbolized by balance, though they seldom achieve it. They are a soft combination of everything opposite. They are graceful and enjoy the little things in life that others cannot. They enjoy intense flavours, which change as they melt in the mouth. A simple pack of homemade chocolates will bring forward their million dollar smile.

8. Scorpio Scorpions are intense, fierce and passionate, who love to shower their partners with love. Their love is over-the-top love and very deep. A relationship with them will be a bittersweet experience, so a bittersweet chocolate like Cadbury's Bournville will entice their taste buds.

9. Sagittarius Sagittarians adore their freedom. They are fond of everything new and refreshing. Their minds are curious so they often wander to far away places. Sagittarians like nutty, fruity and crunchy flavours. A pack of Cadbury celebrations with numerous flavours will make a great gift for them.

10. Capricorn Capricorns are the most stable of the Zodiac signs. They set their goals at a very tender age and work towards them from the very beginning. They are idealists as well as practical. They like things with aesthetic appeal. Imported chocolates will be great for them.

11. Aquarius Aquarians invent everything new in the most creative way. They are humane and bring a smile to every face. They may appear aloof at times but they are full of complex emotions. They love pure things to counteract their creative streak. A pack of chocolate with a center of caramel will be good for them.

12. Pisces If you catch anyone daydreaming in the open, you have spotted a Piscean. They are very emotional and live in their own fairyland. They would appreciate chocolates that are grand in nature, like a box of Ferrero Rocher's.