Some Delicious Cakes for Special Occasions

No occasion or celebration is complete without a cake, be it a birthday party, success party, promotion party, anniversary party or any regular get-together party. We cannot imagine any occasion without a cake and cake-cutting has become an inevitable ritual of every celebration. Normally, we all love cakes and want to get them delivered right to the venue. Prepared using flour, sugar, butter, milk, chocolates and various flavors, a cake serves all types of our occasions. Moreover, today, there are options for sugar-free and eggless cakes available too. Also, there are cakes which vegans can also enjoy. There are various types of cakes specially designed for special occasions. Here’s a list of some popular cakes which are mostly ordered by people for celebrating special moments.

1. Personalized Cake

Personalized Cake

Personalized cakes are very popular, especially for a birthday celebration. You can find a wide range of happy birthday cakes available, which are customized as per the specific requirements of the clients. You can place an order for any cartoon character, can print a picture on the cake, order doll cakes, etc. Such cakes are designed using attractive colors and edible glitters.

2. Anniversary Cake

Anniversary Cake

For celebrating occasions like anniversary, wedding receptions, Valentine’s Day or a date night, you can place an order for a bright contrast cake in red. You can easily select from a wide series of anniversary cakes online which can be delivered on the same day. Some of these cakes are heart-shaped cakes, theme cakes, black forest cakes, chocolate cakes, red velvet cakes, etc. which are perfect for celebrating love. These cakes represent the love among couples with their colorful decoration and delicious taste.

3. Cupcakes


If you are ordering cakes for friends’ get-together or any such meeting, you can opt for cupcakes. You can easily find various flavors and toppings of cupcakes, which are very cute and attractive. Cupcakes are very popular nowadays. They are available in various sizes and can be customized too.

4. Tier Cakes

Tier Cakes

These cakes are made especially on the request of clients for anniversaries, weddings, and baby showers. Like other cakes, tier cakes are also delivered on the same day and are fully customized for the customers. You can also place an order for different flavors for different tiers or can keep the same flavor for the whole cake. Normally, these cakes are heavy and big in size, and range between 5 to 7 kg in weight. Hence, these are perfect for big parties.

5. Fruit Cakes

Fruit Cakes

You can also order fruit cakes which are extremely tasty and yummy. They are made using fresh cream frosting and fruits. There are some unique cake flavors like pineapple, mango, grapes, and berries, etc. In fact, you can also get a fruit cake custom-made as per your own choice of fruits. In addition to this, you can also place an order for rainbow cakes which are made using fruits of 7 different colors in one cake.

6. Chocolate Cakes

Chocolate Cakes

The list of unique cakes also includes chocolate cakes which are made using chocolates and cocoa powder. You can also place an order for a Kit Kat, Gems or Cadbury cake. Depending upon your taste and preference, you can easily find different types of cakes available online. To get clearer about which cake you should consider, you can go through the ratings and reviews posted by various people online.