Some Healthy Cakes To Surprise Your Grandparents

The way our grandparents love and pamper us, perhaps no one can ever love us as much with such intensity. They are called grandparents because their love is grander than the love that our parents give us. They make sure that we have everything and often go out of their way to provide us. Further, the bond shared by a child and his/her grandparent is unconditional and that is what makes this bond so special. So, when it comes to celebrating birthday of your grandparents, you need to give them the best birthday cake to surprise them. And they would be proud to you have you as their grandchild. Here are some healthy cake ideas which can surprise your grandparents:

1. Strawberry Relish

Strawberry Relish

Strawberry is one of the most popular fruits. And when it is on a cake, it enhances its taste manifold. This strawberry cake is a delicious delight that your grandparents will love to have. The cake is marvelous in every sense with its savory strawberry flavor and strawberry slices over cream frosting. It is a strawberry extravaganza that your grandparents would love to eat. You can also have this as a sugar free cake or eggless cake depending on how your grandparents like it.

2. Pineapple Cheesecake

Pineapple Cheesecake

Another fruit that is on the table is one of the sweetest fruits, is pineapple. And what makes it sweeter and enhances its taste is a cheesecake. When these two combine to form pineapple cheesecake, the taste is flavorsome and it will be finished before you know. The cake has the sweet and slightly tangy flavor that a pineapple has, and the richness of a cheesecake. It is a cake that they would love to have.

3. Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake

If you want to step away from everything fruity, and want to go for something simpler, then a black forest cake is the one you should get for your grandparents. You can buy it as a sugar-free cake as well as eggless cake as it suits the need. It has the generous amount of chocolate shavings and frothy cream that is make for a scrumptious bite. This cake is a pure delight in every sense.

There you have it. Choose the best cake for your grandparents and surprise them with it, whether it is a sugar free cake or eggless cake. Add sweetness in their life with some cake!

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