Some Special Birthday Cake Ideas to Make Your Kid’s Birthday Special

The birthday of your kid is a special day when you as parents, leave no stone unturned to make the occasion extra special.  Cakes, music, balloons, food, dance, and love are what complete the celebration for your adorable kid. However, every now and then, you see new ideas in bakery industry and it is very crucial to keep up with these so as to gift the most delicious birthday cake to your kid. And kids are very particular about such things – be it the latest cartoon character or themed cakes, they know better than you many a time. So, here is a list of special birthday cake ideas which are sure to make your kid’s birthday celebration unique:

1. Jungle Book Themed Cake:

Jungle Book Themed Cake For the kids who are a huge fan of Mowgli, this cake is like a fantasy. Not only your kids but also his or her friends are surely going to admire this. The cake is designed in such a way that you can see the whole jungle book characters live in front of you.

2. Rainbow Gems Cake:

Rainbow Gems Cake Kids are crazy for chocolates and gems are the most colourful yet yummiest options which are used to decorate the cake for kids. A rainbow gems cake can be the centre of attraction as soon as it enters the party hall. There are various tiered-cakes as well in this category which come with a huge amount of gems loaded on them and chocolate bars surrounding the same.

3. Princess Themed Cakes:

Princess themed cakesWell, if you are buying a birthday cake for your adorable daughter who is no less than your princess, try considering the princess themed cakes. These cakes are sure to take your daughter on an imaginary journey and her boundless happiness and joy is something which is beyond imagination.

4. Cricket Themed Cakes:

Cricket themed cakes Most of the teenager boys dream to become a cricketer or are huge admirer of this game. This cake is something which will let you win his heart and help you making him realize the infinite love you have for him.

5. Cartoon Character Shaped Cake:

Cartoon character shaped cake Well, no one knows better than you about the favourite cartoon characters of your kid. And nowadays, online gifting portals have the cakes shaped like all the latest cartoon characters. You can order the one with the character that your kid loves the most be it Doremon, Dora, Mickey, Tom, or Nemo. While ordering the cake, it is advisable to choose the suitable flavour (preferably the one which is your kid’s favourite) as well as the quantity which is good enough to suffice the guest attending the birthday party.