Surprise your Loved ones by Sending New Year Gifts to India from Abroad

Now that the New Year will begin, everyone will be celebrating it with their friends and family, and it so happens that you are not in India to celebrate it with them. Well, that is a bummer! Although you cannot traverse the long distance to celebrate it with your loved one, you can, however, send a gift and surprise them. What gift you should send, you ask? Well, here are some gift ideas to help you out:

New Year

1. No Cake?! No Celebration!

Any celebration, irrespective of the occasion, is incomplete without a cake. A cake has become a quintessential part of any and all celebrations. Celebrating a birthday? A cake needs to be cut. Celebrating a marriage anniversary? A cake needs to be cut. A family member got promotion at work? A cake needs to be cut. Cakes are sweet and they are perfect to celebrate any occasion. So, surprise your loved one and send them a cake. You can even choose for midnight delivery and it will be delivered as the clock strikes 12. Just imagine the look of surprise on their faces, totally worth it!

2. Sweet Celebration is a Good Celebration

A cake, by itself might not be a great surprise, although a good one. You can complement the surprise of the cake with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Not only are flowers vivid in color, they also have sweet fragrance which spread happiness and joy. So perhaps a cake with a bouquet of flowers might be a really great surprise, especially when you are miles away.

3. The Gift of Sweetness

If you think that a cake and bouquet of flowers do not suffice as a gift, you might want to consider a gourmet hamper. A gourmet hamper contains a variety of sweet eatables such as chocolates, toffees and cookies. This gift will not only be delicious and sweet but will also be a great surprise for your loved ones, it will be a gift they will love and cherish. And, if you’re lucky enough, they might just save some for you when you return.

Don’t be disheartened if you are away and not with your family, send these New Year gifts to India to decrease the distance and increase the affection between you and your loved ones.

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