Switch to Healthier Gifts This Rakhi

Modern day society values health above everything else. From artificial sweeteners to sugar-free confectioneries eliminating the harmful effects of sugar, the health food has never been so fulfilling. After all, why should you compromise taste to get health benefits in food, when you can have both? As always, health is wealth!

The Spirit of Healthy Living on Special Occasions

The delight of a Rakhi celebration or a birthday bash never ends. Sweets and desserts are gorgeously presented, and none can resist the temptation of stuffing his or her mouth with them.

But, as they say “with great taste comes great health side-effects”. However, that is not a problem anymore. Now all the great taste of cakes and treats are available free from all the harmful health effects.

Here are some of the tastiest treats that one may eat or gift this Rakhi without worrying about the ill health effects –

Gluten Free Products

Gluten Free Products


The protein known as Gluten found in many edible products is a definite health hazard. Fortunately, advancements in food technology have led to the rise of gluten free edibles. From Gluten free cakes to Gluten free rice, the varieties are numerous as they are near endless.

Here are the three of the most popular gluten free products –

  • Gluten free rice
  • Gluten free ice cream
  • Gluten free cookies

Getting gluten free edibles for Raksha Bandhan and presenting them as gifts is definitely one of the most perfect ways to spread the delight of healthy living.



More creamilicious than an ice cream and containing fewer calories, substituting a cone of ice cream with gelato is best way to inculcate the practice of healthy living.

Here are some of the reasons why you should replace ice creams with gelato –

  • Gelato is richer in flavors
  • Gelato is creamier than ice creams
  • It has less fat than ice cream

Substituting an ice cream scoop with gelato is a perfect way to inculcate  the practice of healthy living. Get a box of gelato for Rakhi.

Fruit Basket –

Fruit Basket

A basket of fresh fruits is the perfect delight to cherish. Beautiful to look at and a delight to taste, a rich assortment of the finest and the most succulent fruits is always a joy. Rich in carbohydrates, proteins, nothing is healthier than the natural taste of fresh fruits.

Here are some of the special health benefits of a basket of fruits containing almost every variety of fruits –

  • Apples are filled with most of the B Vitamins.
  • Oranges are noted to be one of the best natural sources of Vitamin C.
  • Just like oranges, pineapples are one of the best natural Vitamin C sources.

Dry Fruits on Rakhi –

Dry Fruits on Rakhi

Whether it is cashews, peanuts, or almonds, they are always a delight. Get the finest boxes of nuts, packaged beautifully in a box and present it with a Rakhi.

Raisins, or darkened grapes dried and presented is one of the finest tasting edibles out there. A delight to taste, as they are healthy. Eaten raw, raisins have numerous health benefits. Some may include

  • Preventing Cancer
  • Protects eyes and teeth against infections
  • Helps in treating fever

After all, rakhi with dry fruits is always great to taste as it is healthy for the body.

Sugarfree Desserts

Sugarfree Desserts

With all the sweet tasting delight of a dessert minus the harmful effect of the fructose in sugar, a sugar free dessert is always a joy. Here are some sugar free desserts that you can always have –

  • Sugarfree Cakes – Want to gorge upon a cake but afraid of getting down with the harmful effects of sugar? Do not fear anymore, with the use of artificial sweeteners, sugarfree cakes are there to enamor your senses. From chocolate cakes, to red velvet, the varieties are endless, as is the quality of them. Get the best sugarfree cakes online today! A true delight for the health and the taste buds.
  • Sugarfree Cupcakes – They say cupcakes are miniature cakes. Cute, delightful and “Fun-sized” cupcakes are as much of a delight to have as real cakes. Making them sugarfree is the perfect delight to all, and not just to the health conscious.
  • Sugarfree Cookies – With all the magic of a cookie infused in a sugar-free delight, who can resist such a splendid taste. Without the harmful effects of sugar, one never needs to worry about excess accumulating in bodies.

No matter how tasty the food is, the health effects cannot be ignored. As Albert Schweitzer once said “Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory”.

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